Mikey Going Down

Mikey Going Down from Marcus Estes on Vimeo.

A lecture about the time Mikey Kampmann spent “on the ice”.


Mikey Kampmann as Mikey Kampmann
Live Audience: Honey Owens, dalas verdugo, Jonathan LeGare
Introduction: K. Mike Merrill
Director: Marcus Estes
Sound: Andrew Ritchey
Titles: Jamie Edwards
Music: “Standing on the Other Side” by Interiors

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38 Things

Andrew Dickson speaks frankly about what he has learned in his 38 years of living.

Talent – Andrew Dickson
Editor – Marcus Estes
Sound Engineer – Andrew Ritchey
Camera Operators – Rebecca Carlisle-Healy, Mike Merrill, Judah Switzer
Metaphysical Consultant – Dr. dalas verdugo
Digital Titles – RGB by RCH
Hand-Painted Signage – Jamie Edwards

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