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Old Portland

Hand2Mouth Theater recently held a funeral for “Old Portland”, with a handful of folks delivering a eulogy for the city Portland once was. It made me wonder what I would say, which made me realize I’ve already said it. I … Continue reading

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How much do you pay for your news?

I just read this past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine cover story, The Kansas Experiment. It begins as a profile of a state senator working to make Kansas a zero income tax state, and then chronicles the legislative session in … Continue reading

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Dear Mayor Hales and City Council

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Portland is changing. I figure the city leaders must know many of us feel like the city is growing too quickly and leaving some folks behind. But maybe they don’t. After all, I’ve … Continue reading

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I can turn $205 into $1000 and so can you.

There’s a catch, right? Yes, of course there is. You have to live in Oregon. Here in Oregon we have something called the Oregon Cultural Trust. It’s basically a legal money-laundering scheme that helps you help the arts. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Fatherly Advice

It’s Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to me. If you’re a dad, or you like dads, and want to spend an evening with dads and non-dads alike, thinking about dads, and eating some awesome food cooked by Olympic Provisions, I … Continue reading

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38 Things

Big thanks to the Urban Honking Television team for turning my 38 things I’ve learned in 38 lecture into a lecture video. I turn 39 this week, so I’m in deep meditation on the 39th thing. I’ll let you know … Continue reading

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Bill Veeck

When I was living in Los Angeles, a director mentoring my writing partner and me asked how old we were. Early 30s was our collective reply. He nodded his head. “So, you got the next 10 years to make your … Continue reading

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Rain Dragon

I heard about Jon Raymond soon after moving to Portland in 1995. I came here to make a movie, and Jon had just made one. A feature based on the newspaper comic strip Crock. He shot his live action version … Continue reading

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Mike Daisey and Me

Surely, you’ve heard something about Mike Daisey over the past few days. In case you haven’t, or haven’t been paying close attention, here’s the quick recap. Mike Daisey, heir apparent to Spalding Gray, created a monologue called “The Agony and … Continue reading

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Failure has been a mantra where I work, at Wieden+Kennedy, for much longer than I’ve worked here. Dan Wieden has preached failure from the start. So much so that a few years back W+K 12 made a massive pushpin wall … Continue reading

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