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  • What is this? TESTING.
  • I went to Orcas Island and found the entrance to the Black Lodge! It's in the bottom of the big bowl at the skatepark. Lemme know if you want directions/instructions.
  • You have to do 3 "pork pie" grinds and a "flail slade" before you can ollie up to get the secret tape which opens the portal to the Black Lodge.
  • I hear that doing a "darkslide" around the entire island also opens it up, but I think it's a glitch.
  • I love this whole twin peaks thing you guys have going!
    It's such a funky show. I barely remember it but I watched it when it was on, sunday nights! Who knew people would still be talking about all this stuff on a chat board in 2010!
    so what if you run out of names?
    move on to dawsons creek names? or maybe bands!
    just some ideas!
  • Is twinpeaks Gary.

  • Was never a Twin Peaks fan guys, sorry. Jos it is. Hey, at least I'm not using I.jason... though maybe I should...
  • @Julee_Cruise and everyone else: you can edit your username now.
  • hello, it is i, george.
  • Hi George #welcome
  • When can I blog again you guys? I'm missing my blog, and so are my fans!
    And by "fans" I mean "fan"
    really just this one guy who emailed asking me where my blog is
  • You just got moved to the end of the line.
  • I don't like change. I've been staying away from UHX because things are new and scary. But I do have an autographed picture of the log lady framed and hanging in my room, so the new theme gets two thumbs up from floss.
  • get into the change! it is weird at first but soon you won't even remember how it used to be.

    I have felt this way for every uhx change but I always get used to it.

    don't fear change!

    "the future is death"
  • Layout and graphics and organization look really great. Kudos to the web gnomes.

    I was getting sporadic "Error establishing database connection" but seems to be gone now.
  • I'm having a hard time knowing anyone. I feel like I'm in a room with all the lights out and foil over the windows.

    Has anyone seen my pen? I dropped it.
  • I have suggestion/question re: UrHo blogs

    I feel like links aren't obvious as links! When I make a link in my blog, it is an extremely subtly darker color than the regular text. Does not look like a link to me.

    Is there a way to make links look darker or a different color??
  • Hey I saw you guys fixed this!!!!!!!!

    I flung my wish into the internetverse and lo, my wish were answer'd
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