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What does it mean when it says your startup disc is too full?

edited December 2010
what's a startup disc?


  • edited December 2010
    Your computer's hard drive.

    disc = drive
    startup = the one with the operating system on it, that makes all the clicks and stuff make sense (as opposed to an external hard drive or if you partition your hard drive)

    Time to move some stuff to an external, erase duplicate stuff, delete stuff you don't need no mo.
  • god, I just did that and it's still too full?
    I have like 5 gigs of space, is that not enough?

    IT's crazy how every time I get a bigger computer and think "Aaaah, I'll NEVER use up all this space," I always do. WTF!

    delete all my Beethoven string quartets???????
  • thank you for the info, stevie
  • whoa steve, what does this mean?
    a few days ago I deleted a bunch of stuff, and cleared up like 6 gigs of space.
    But just now I checked, and I only have 100 mbs available!

    What could have put 6 gigs of stuff on my computer in the past few days? I haven't downloaded any movies or anything like that......???
  • dunno, homeslice, sometimes all your surfing and clicking stores stuff in hidden places and all that. do a restart, that will get rid of that stuff.

    but that's not for sure.

    as internet gets faster, files get bigger, so you fill up space quicker. THE FUTURE.
  • edited December 2010
    External hard drives are SOO CHEAP these days. You can get one that's double the size of your computer for like 40 bucks. You can get one with 10 times the storage of your computer for like 100 bucks.

    (just for your future knowledge)
  • edited December 2010
    by default itunes copies things to its own music folder when you drag stuff into it, creating duplicate files of stuff. i guess yr then supposed to delete the other ones... but if you keep on dragging them into itunes to play them, it may continue to make copies into its music folder
    it is a common way for a hard drive to fill up, these duplicate mp3 files that itunes makes
    check for duplicate tracks in yr itunes, i think its an option under the view menu or something
    you can control these itunes copying/organizing/file settings within the preferences

    i dunno

    get an external, do a time machine backup with it, then get a new internal hd for yr lappytop that is way bigger than yr original one, take out the old one, put in the new one, and then plug in the external that has the back up of the original drive and put that shit on the new internal drive
    its like u just added all these gigs of cool guy space but yr computer will run and feel the same as ever
    no pesky re-filing and archiving and re-installings of the apps and such

    the whole thing might cost you like, $150 to $200 (new external, new internal laptop hd)
    if you have a plastic macbook, i think three screws are involved.

  • great call, alan, about the itunes doubles.

  • Also, go into iPhoto and EMPTY THE TRASH.

    iPhoto keeps it's own trash and that shit gets BIG.
  • Stevie is right. REBOOT. Sometimes stuff gets stored in "virtual memory" or some sort of "system cache" and "takes up" "space" in the computer. A restart will clear out these areas and hopefully give you your space back.
  • ok I deleted a bunch of beethoven, emptied my iphoto trash, and my itunes doubles

    cleared up 6 gigs!

    thanks guys
  • oh and I restarted. It maybe started back up with an extra gig or so
  • Alan that hard-drive advice is cool but knowing myself I probably won't ever have the courage to do it.

  • As a video person this type of thing happens to me all the time.
    I recommend using the following two programs to help find unnecessarily large files on your hard drive: (this one costs money but you can download a free, fully-working trial)

    that program is amazing!!!!!!

    I just went from 6 to 23 gigs dog


    All kinds of weird folders and duplicate iPhoto things and this crazy garage band "song" on my desktop that is TEN GIGS but is totally empty!


  • sweet!

  • Whoa! Can't wait to try this! Thanks Bobby!

  • sweet, i have the same problem, i barely have anything on this computer yet it is constantly telling me that startup disk is full, i'm going to try that program
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