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jewelry for ladies

edited March 2014
I think someone asked this elsewhere a long time ago but if you wanted to buy yourself a classy, reasonably priced piece of silver jewelry, most likely a ring, as a talismanic memento of Portland, where would you go

Sword & Fern? That's all I've got


  • Boutiques like Sword and Fern, Beam and Anchor, Lowell, Palace, etc.

    There's a new jewelry store in NW called Oko that sells antique as well as locally designed jewels. I haven't gone in yet because I can't handle how much I want all their things.
  • great recs bro! Thanks!
  • My friend Marika is a local jewelerist:
  • Oh, and looking at her "stockists" page gives some spots to check out for other stuff.
  • here's another rad local jewelry designer:
  • Noun on Belmont has a nice selection. So does Manifesto Shoes on N Miss. Gilt in NW has vintage stuff but also a selection of local designers upstairs. I love Betsy & Iya but their rings may not be what you're looking for. They're on Etsy, though, so you can figure out if it's worth stopping by.
  • There's also some cool jewels at this place on Division called Artifact. It's a consignment shop.
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