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I want to know what you're working on! Please tell this thread what sorts of projects you've got going (or are thinking of starting). Here are some of mine.

Oh god. Just tried to list mine and basically my list contained just this item: I am knitting a cowl.

That's not true, but it's also not true that my current projects are really creative or all that interesting. I am getting sucked into the day-job/home-ownership trap! Please tell me your projects so I will feel inspired to once again live an interesting, and productive life!


  • I contacted someone on Facebook about starting a Right-wing version of Urban Honking.

    No joke.

    Today I met a Republican candidate for the Senate for lunch.

    Also, no joke.

    Are these projects or is this real life?
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    • sweaters on the knitting machine
    • bronze casting
    • took a cool ceramics class at PNCA called "multiples"
    ♫ learning to play Ravel's pavane pour une infante defunte
    • practicing handstand push-ups
    • glacially learning to make a website
    • shibori silk scarf dyeing
    • starting oil painting lessons (portraits!)

    You'll find some inspiration! Not drinking on weeknights helps me be productive, though I fail at that goal often.
  • - finishing our sunroom (homeownership!)
    - designing/putting out Jordan Dykstra's new record as co-release with Marriage
    - being KMikeyM for the Nike SB app (need to do more tricks!)
    - want to skate more in general
    - various websites
  • So far, arijkem wins the coolest list award.

    Ok, I'm also working on:

    -co-creating a mental health/goal setting website
    -human-centered design training through IDEO/acumen (who wants to be on my design team?) - actually, this hasn't started yet. Soon.
    -figuring out how to kill mold/re-caulk my shower + other boring home stuff
    -analyzing minds (private practice - ongoing project, but what a project it is!)
    -taking a couple of coursera classes (I guess this isn't really a project?) - statistics/public health

    There are SO MANY THINGS in the "want to start soon" category:
    -a small product I want to design/produce (also mental health related)
    -plan my backpacking trip to Corsica (anyone want to come?)
    -draw plants
    -convert garage to studio
    -learn typography
    -make aforementioned small product in clay, in addition to wood
    -build a greenhouse
    -2014 GARDEN
    -Buy another house/fix it up (not gonna happen "soon")
  • Flossy- I want to go to Corsica with you!!
  • Oh my gosh Wanda are you for real? Don't get my hopes up if you're not serious!

    Ooh, but the month of departure is September. Does that make it impossible for you because of school schedule?
  • Currently:
    - Building a prototype for a "starter" modular synth in Euro and 5u.
    - Building a ton of other electronics...
    - Working on websites and such.
    - Thinking about how to play some of my bloops and bleeps in a public scenario.
  • Flo- If you're interested in typography, Mia Nolting is giving an informal talk on the history of the alphabet at her house tonight at 8.
  • Once abe gets into modular synths, he'll have no time for any other list items.

    I'm mostly doing the homeowner/job stuff, but had fun with my GTKYT event last night. I really need to get my "studio" room set back up so I can at least have fun noodling on my expensive toys. Also need to sell some of those toys because it would be better to have a smaller set of them.

    Yeah, all of my projects will be house based for the forseeable future until it feels like a real place where a real person might live.
  • I'm recording a bunch of stuff. Finished mixes for the new Priests record, working on mixes for my friend Daoud and getting ready to go into the studio with THIS AWESOME BAND. Making the studio nicer, hooking up a talkback system, running the snake through the ceiling instead of on the floor. running some conduit up to the living room so we can record the piano.

    Still writing thank you notes for wedding presents because hugh had the wrong idea about when you were supposed to get that done by.

    Lots of small home improvement things, new bathroom fan so the mirrors don't fog up, that sort of thing.

    Finishing my adorno-themed One Direction parody, which has been upgraded from a joke to an actual project.

  • What is this mental health device to be made in wood and ceramic?!?


    worry stone
    sex toy

    that's all I got.
  • Ceramic mental health device sounds cool! Want to know. Sorry about my obviously bad guesses.
  • Oh god! I love mia nolting! I just got myself into a dinner engagement tonight, though. Man. I'm torn.

    Mental health product is so cheesy! I don't even want to tell you. But I will. It's "feeling words." Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. But children and adolescents (and adults!) can have a really hard time recognizing what is going on internally and then they combust in unhealthy ways, so one of my jobs with the adolescents I see is to help them understand what they're feeling so they can deal with it. And it's easier for a lot of them to do that when they've got a list to choose from. But what if instead of a list it was this beautiful little box set of wood-or-ceramic pieces, each inscribed with a feeling, so they could lay them all out and look at them and figure out which ones come close to describing their experience.

    And then maybe there's just a color set, too, so they can choose colors to match their experience.

    So maybe they can describe the time when they got upset (/before engaging in an unhealthy behavior) as feeling "dark gray/blue" and "sloshy" and "uncomfortable" and "disappointed" and "lumpy." That would help me so much more than hearing "I was just frustrated" or "I was mad" which is what most kids tell me with little elaboration.

    Anyway - there it is.

  • - making 5 every days
    - running some races
    - making lots of websites
  • I don't have any projects because I work so goddamn much, plus the job market really took a lot out of me this year. Here's what's in the pipe:

    - fixing my leg injury (dr. appointment next week)
    - re-starting my gym membership
    - packing up house and selling furniture (big announcement coming soon!)
    - sending out book proposal
    - listening to popular music
    - re-start my nightmare failure cycle of trying to bake bread
    - piano lessons

    ugh this list depressed me. I never work on cool shit anymore. I haven't written a song in 5 years I bet

  • Jeez, I don't have projects outside of my life's project, and trying to keep my shit together! This is actually just a to-do list, except for the last item which comprises a number of projects that I am not at liberty to discuss yet.

    - do my taxes
    - stretch sometimes
    - don't clench my jaw
    - go out of town for a weekend sometime soon
    - sew all of the missing buttons back onto my shirts

    - make art
  • Boo! That trip sounds amazing, Flossy but September is no good for me. :(

    My projects:
    * As (newly appointed) managing director/co-captain of Get Tight Dance Troupe I'm excited to get practices going again and make a dance video with RCH!
    * As (newly) single lady I'm reconnecting with friends, getting into a new home-life routine, and starting to think about going on dates.
    * Also I'm scrambling to come up with a plan for Spring Break. What should I do?! It's too late to fly anywhere. Should I take the train to Montana and visit family or cobble together some Oregon day trips?
  • oh my tarot card side job is a project i'm trying to get off the ground!
    i really like doing readings but you can only do so many readings for yourself/your husband. Trying to get customers. Feels like a fun project for me.

  • First of all, YT: I think you do lots of cool shit.

    Secondly, as evidenced by this thread, we are all so solidly in our THIRTIES. Hearing about your lists makes me feel a little more okay with mine.

    Wanda: let's plan our own summer trip!

    YT: I want my tarot card read! Perhaps Bill Mc and I can schedule a dual reading (??) while he's in town for spring break (starting thurs).
  • Oh yeah, the taxes. I forgot about the taxes :(
  • I teach exactly 8 more classes (and have approximately 1,000 more obnoxious meetings) and then it is SPRING BREAAAAAAAAAK
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  • @Marc_Zuckerburg Oh I am already deep deep in the modular hole: This project is like a "starter" product for peeps wanting to get into modular.
  • Boy is it clear who doesn't have kids on here (much less full-time job + house). Literally my only projects are:

    - Try to get in bed by 10:30
    - Prepare for my week on Sunday night
    - Transfer stupid old retirement account out of exploitative account
    - Get Calvin screened for early Kindergarten entry [DONE]
    - Make fairly healthy dinners so I have lunch leftovers, since I no longer have time to leave the office to get food, like, ever.
    - Take ballet once a week

    Sometimes I am bummed about the massive opportunity costs of my life. But hey, I love my job, my partner, and my kid; we should all be so lucky.
  • I am getting so deep into the classic gay uncle zone of enjoying hanging out with other people's awesome kids and finding it mega-rewarding but retreating to our childless zone at the end of the day.

    which is good because there's no way we're ever going to be able to afford to adopt a child.
  • I love spending time with Calvin and then going home to my childless marriage

    I wish Calvin were the only child on earth

    I guess that would be sort of sad
  • edited March 2014
    Calvin is so cool.

    On thanksgiving he flipped the record and then told us his name was "DJ Cheese"!
  • DJ Cheese Please!

    He DJs every time he comes over, so great. We put the record player on a higher table and Mike was concerned about getting a stool for the DJ.
  • One time at pizza Calvin had a rubber dinosaur you could stretch really long and he said its name was "Andrew" so then Andrew started swinging it wildly and Calvin shrieked and shrieked and SHRIEKED with laughter. Also one time at pizza he pretended he didn't know who I was, and he sat alone at a table behind me and did pranks on me

    my favorite Calvin moment was when he was being very polite and quiet at dinner and then suddenly turned to Josh and said solemnly "Dad, my penis hurts"
  • Imagining Portland kids growing up, moving away to college somewhere else, meeting other kids from Portland and bonding over knowing what vinyl records are.
  • they'll probably all go to college in the south and become republicans
  • DJ Cheese Please is available for social engagements at very reasonable rates. He will wear his "Mike jacket" over his rainbow sweater unless otherwise directed. He can be returned to the parent company if he's being a butt.
  • edited March 2014
    Wanda* -- if you go camping, I wanna come!
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