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edited March 2014
ha ha ha ha
today is a TGIF for me!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haNO BIG DEAL


  • "What is Hump Day for others shall be the first of two TGIFs for thee"
    - the scheduling fairy, sprinkling me with magical glitter
  • I spent so much time today thinking it was a cool Thursday.

    life is cruel
  • today it truly is TGIF
    my husband is making his classic bubblin' mac
    we will watch Girls

    I have a long day but tomorrow is free for grading, cleaning, reading, and rejoining the gym, and I am happy

  • I always catch up on this thread on Monday and it makes me feel bad for you guys.
  • :(

    I am so sad
  • Today was a snow day and we did our taxes. :(
  • Mike got me really drunk on Saturday by making me do 3 shots in quick succession (in addition to loads of champagne and whiskey) (also these were out of an ice shot glass filled with frozen Mountain Dew):
    - gin
    - whiskey
    - root beer liqueur

  • Alex, taking one for the team!

    Somehow I managed to not take a single shot.
  • it's still not TGIF guys


  • today is my semi-TGIF!!!
    although I have band practice at 8:45 tomorrow morning!!!!
  • That's an early practice! Where the hell do you practice at 8:45 in the morning?
  • Kate's house. She's making eggs
  • I'd like this TGIF to get here. Too many circulating news stories about global warming and the end of civilization have me bummed and dreaming of that Sunday NYT magazine in bed time.
  • One more day! It's practically TGIF! And then it will be SPRING BREAK FOR EVERYBODY!!
  • Tomorrow is a travel day for me aka MEGATGIF

  • I'm not even at work yet! I moved all my meetings to later so I could sleep in after our show, and have time to walk Mr. Snoop. Got up in the lovely sunny morning light and took ol' legs to the park and dashed him around and put him through his wind sprints. Then came home and ate a civilized breakfast instead of cramming old french bread into my mouth furtively at my desk at work.

  • I'm excited to get home. I have a brain smashed full of game knowledge and the whole Chroma team will be in the office next week.
  • I jogged to work today!

    Going to leave early and maybe apply to another job. Then going to snuggle with my sweetie and watch the last two episodes of HoC, season 2.

  • My team at work has a luxury suite at the ice hockey playoff game tonight! PARTY!

    Pre-game at Windows.
  • edited March 2014
    OMG Spring Break is over

  • guys I was so depressed last night but now I feel ok. Get back on the horse.
    Give these damn papers back.
  • Yeah I'm ok now that I'm here

    crisis over!!
  • I am having the reverse problem. I had no spring break and now that I am in the office I am DRAGGING. It's a hard Monday over here. Need a vacation.
  • I realized last night as I was complaining about not wanting to finish the semester that I only have four weeks left!
    four weeks in academic terms just feels like nothing. That's 12 classes!

    huzzah for summer
  • Then it's our turn to be jealous of y'all teachers for 3 months as you get to go to the river
    ON A WEEKDAY when there's nobody else there and go camping on a Wednesday and stuff. #tradeoffs #lifechoices
  • spring break forever
  • Working for schools is such a crazy mixed bag of deep bureaucratic frustration and awesome amounts of time off.
  • I like it because I like the dizzying highs and the devastating lows! Lots of action and variation in routine. During the semester you work like a FUCKING DOG. I work most weekends, I work in the evenings, I got up at 5:00 this morning because I had so much to do before my actual day started, etc. But then you get these big wonderful chunks of time off. So I feel like the academic calendar basically lets you save up all your nights and weekends and have them all at once, which suits my temperament.
  • We're going to Harvester Brewing today. Come join us?

    2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
  • I'm sick with a cold
    Gary told me I am "gross and boring" and he went out without me
    I am eating cold lasagna
  • TGIF
    I took a bath in the morning to celebrate
    snoopy is crying because he wants to poop
    I'm off to my weird job
  • Let's Go Blazers!!!!!
  • Gia is crying too. But she already pooped.
  • I pooped, but I have to poop again and I'm crying
  • Happy Hour with E*Rock tonight at Holocene, then this cool show at Alberta Abbey:
  • FYI, I booked myself for the June 9th Holocene Happy Hour as "DJ Jah Realness." Gonna play chill tunes, mellow IDM from all years, dub, dub-influenced electronic stuff, some Rob Walmart tracks.

    Tonight I'm going to see my old palz Jake & Amir from College Humor at the Hawthorne Theater. Their first time in Portland.
  • FYI: The snacks are not free at Holocene anymore, just very reasonably priced.
  • Guys we had such a nice TGIF, we went to the Bye n Bye and sat at the bar and ate food and drank a nice stout and then researched all the scotches they had and then shared one very gross (to me) and good (to Gary) highlands scotch and then went to the co-op and got strawberries and then went home and watched Dune
  • Best TGIF EVER with Wanda. She took me to the most adorable sing-a-long event at a community center in West Linn with FREE LARGE WINES where I got to sing songs by the Eagles really loud.

  • Flossy is right! Our TGIF was one for the ages.
  • guys I saw that YU exhibit and it's really good. I really truly encourage you to take a peek.
  • It's probably my favorite YU show yet. Made me feel sick/gross/excited/happy/sad all at the same time! That's what art is supposed to do, right?
  • yes!! I loved it. So thought-provoking.
    So many different types of objects and materials, all become "garbage"
    Looking the same but different
    thinking about types of garbage changing over time. Unspooled cassette tape / broken CD / crushed flash drive. Plastic vs. bone

    I liked thinking about how that kind of long-term collection project would change the way you saw the world. He must be so alive to tiny tiny things the rest of us don't even notice at all. After the exhibit I saw a piece of cellophane glinting in the sun and it caught my attention, actually. ATTENTION. Very zen

    why do people spit gum on the ground? What is wrong with people
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