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Bridgetown Comedy Fest

edited April 2014
Paul F Thompkins you guys!!!!!
I am so stoked! Hit me up if you want to coordinate!
Paul F Thompkins!!!!!


  • I will most likely be attending this event.

    The last couple years at first I'm always initially slightly disappointed by the lineup announcement (compared to like '10, '11) but then I go and have a great time and find out about a bunch of new people I like.

    Also, it's Tompkins, have some respect.
    I wish PFT was coming to do standup. I like the Dead Authors Pod alright (its sometimes above my head i like it when Paul does HARD SPORTS comedy...jk) but would prefer to see a more straight up PFT performance.
  • '10 and '11 were the hot years for sure.
  • Ah yes, the event that I always forget about, and which overlaps with my birthday.

    If it's possible to pry oneself away from professional mirth making I will be having some kind of festive occasion at which you may laugh at my advancing age.
  • Its not near your birthday this year. It's in May!
  • I bought a festival pass! First time for me.
  • oh god, someone's birthday is going to be near comedy
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