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I seem to recall being in small debates with one or two of you about Colbert vs. Stewart with me taking the Stewart side. I have changed my mind. I am one of you.


  • both are great!

  • They are totally both great, but Colbert is really taking things up a notch.
  • I agree that Colbert is the more brutally incisive. The fact that it's satire rather than straight comedy really adds an important layer for me. I believe so hard in satire's political potential and I can't think of anyone who maximizes this potential better than he does. I honestly don't think I've ever been more inspired than I was by his white house press associates performance. TEAM STEPHEN, the Socrates of our age


    So fucking weird/tragic to lose his Colbert character though.

  • It's gonna be really weird to see how he handles being himself. It doesn't really seem like it will work to me, so I'm intrigued.
  • I have super mixed feelings about it. Colbert the character has become a daily comfort for me. Colbert the regular dude...I just don't know what to think. I don't think I have ever seen him do any comedy outside of that character. Also, I really hope some of his guest selection carries over. I really appreciate that he has a lot of guests on his current show who are not necessarily household celebrities but who are important scientists, artists, etc.
  • The real question is, who will take over the Colbert show?!
  • My vote is for a Samantha Bee and Jason Jones show.
  • I've seen him do comedy outside of the character, but it's always very "stagey". Kind of how Taran Killam's style is on SNL. So far, I'd say the majority of our late night hosts have had this kind of laid-back, comfortable vibe. Colbert tends to be more high-energy-drama-class-kid when the camera is on, so I wonder if America will feel good about it?

    Look up old episodes of Exit 57 to see some of his non-Colbert character work.
  • Colbert was great on the old Dana Carvey show.
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    My mother (an avid Letterman watcher since before I was born) is surprisingly into the choice of Colbert. "He's a really smart and smug goofball. That's what Letterman was when he was at his best." Good point mom.
  • yeah when I first heard this news I felt like it was this possibility of going back to the vibe of Letterman when I was in high school, when it was so absurdist

    smart and smug goofballs both, totally!!
  • Colbert will be a guest on Letterman tonight
  • Has he started hosting yet and can I watch it online?
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    Very genuinely bummed to see his character go. I was listening to a story about him this morning and teared up a little. It is really really amazing the impact he has had with that show.
  • I hope John Oliver can pick up the baton but I feel the same way as Fish. His satire cuts right to the quick in a way that Stewart's preachy false equivalence never did for me.

    It's weird he seems to think taking over for Letterman is a bigger deal than the Colbert Report. Seems to me like a step down.

    I'm worried that the CBS version of Colbert will be a shadow of his former self.
  • I know, I don't get why he would make the switch. I guess it's a bigger audience and probably more money? But it's sad to think of him making decisions based on those factors---giving up his character to just be a straight talk show host! I feel like the character is important to our nation
  • I do think The CR is a more important show than CBS, but Colbert has proven over several decades that he's just a straight-up born entertainer, so I'm not worried about him becoming a shadow of himself.

    Now I feel like re-watching Strangers with Candy.
  • I love the character, but I also love Colbert when he drops the act and turns into his very sincere lefty-Catholic bleeding-heart self, like he did when testifying before congress about farmworkers' rights. I can't wait to see what he does with this.
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    > I know, I don't get why he would make the switch.

    IIRC late night has been a dream for Colbert for a long time, to the point his contracts with Comedy Central were always synced up with Letterman's CBS agreements.
  • That was great. Thanks for the pointer!
  • He wore strictly Brooks Brothers like Mike :)
  • And he wore Brooks for the same reason! Of course he got it for free... hmmm...
  • I hear there's an opening..
  • oh WOW now he REALLY looks like a lefty catholic.
  • I think they grey half zip sweater might be Brooks Brothers...
  • he's a fox
    and I DON'T mean fox NEWS
  • Speaking of Catholics, these radical anti-nuclear nuns made me realize that I'm the hugest wuss in the world:
  • edited March 2015
    Edit... Heh, duped kdawgs post on the motherjones interview.
  • catholics can be amazing

  • I have a cousin who is a Catholic nun- she was arrested in Las Vegas, Y2K, anti-nuke rally, cell mates and pals with Martin Sheen.
  • You guys- did you see Biden on Colbert last week?? AMAZING.
  • I haven't figured out the new Colbert yet. I liked the Biden interview, but at no point during the TV show was Colbert funny. It's odd…
  • I've found parts funny but it does seem watered down.
  • He's still figuring out his voice and setting the stage. But it might end up being more Dick Cavett than Letterman. He is aiming for "public intellectual".
  • I would love it if he fully transitioned toward an Edward R. Murrow vibe or something, can you imagine?? Would be a really salutary influence on TV culture I think; who knows if anyone would watch it, but if anyone can pull it off I think it's probably him.
  • I am not sure what I think of happy melodica guy.
  • I think nightly talk shows stink.
    Generally such a crappy delivery system for comedy.
    Everything written so hastily(same day).
    The need for so much content everyday really drives down the quality.
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