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edited April 2014
When you get an email in Gmail and it's not in your inbox, but it's unread... where is it?


  • Sometimes it's hidden in "important" - and sometimes they mark it as read automatically, esp if it's an HTML newsletter. Or maybe you have a rule that auto-moves a certain query to a folder and skip the inbox?
  • this is a good question. Also I have a question which is that ever since I got my MacBook Air and I think got involved in The Cloud although I don't know what that means, tons of emails are being put into my Junk folder even though they aren't marked as Junk, and Mail no longer has the "not junk" button. How do I teach my Mail about this? I think it's something to do with how messages are stored on the Cloud so it might be too complicated for poor me to deal with but just thought I'd see if anyone knew

  • edited April 2014
    You gotta look in "All Mail" sometimes. (reply for Mikey, not YT)
  • edited April 2014
    In Mac OS X Mail app, go to "Mail" menu, then select "Preferences"
    Click on the "Junk Mail" icon (third from left). From there you can either completely disable Mail's junk mail filter (first checkbox) or tweak what it does to mail it thinks is junk (first set of radio buttons).

    I have the filter enabled, and the first radio button selected (mark as junk, but leave it in my inbox).
  • thanks Curt!
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