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RIP Steakburger

edited April 2014

Happening soon.

We'll need a new venue for the UrHo Classic.



  • Is this the end of the UrHo Classic?

    Perhaps a shooting competition...
  • Can we chain ourselves to it?
  • I want to rant about being bummed some more. Sometimes this city feels so harsh. I make good friends with people and then they just move away to somewhere else. We establish a long-standing annual tradition and they take it away from us. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GROW "ROOTS" HERE?

    Maybe I'm just weird about this because I grew up in a place where they've been doing certain things / had certain establishments around for literally hundreds of years with lots of people whose families have lived there for generations.


    Anyways, I know I'm being dumb, I just wish I had a little more stability and routine in my life by this point.
  • To be fair, that place was on life support and no one should be surprised it's going to turn into a PF Changs or whatever. Steakburger and Golf-O-Rama are not of our time and while I am sad that they can't continue I get it. I am also upset that places like that have to die and we get stupid glowing greens crap-tastic mini-shit-golf.

    Let's get constructive... what are the other mini-golf place around us that DO NOT have blacklights?

  • Bummer about that place.

    I think you guys should actually look for a place with more black lights and smoke machines. I'm saying you should switch to laser tag. They're like a drive thru legal weed shop and shooting range all in one.
  • THE END!?!?!?!?


    Shooting is way less patriotic than mini golf.

    I plan on checking out this course in the near future.

    Fairly centrally located.
  • Oaks Park 4th of July hours start at noon officially, and their site says that private rentals are "Available any time outside of our public hours." So we could maybe do a private rental at 10am?
  • Bumper boats tho!
  • Family Fun Center has some solid batting cages, and they used to have an animatronic show.
  • Mark Z- good Oaks Park scouting! I like that idea a lot. We could do a picnic in Oak's Bottom after, or Sellwood Park. Potato sack races etc. Very patriotic.

    (I HATE the idea of replacing golfing with shooting.)
  • I've heard that Oaks Park is INSANITY on July 4th, but maybe that'll be fun if we can do a private rental prior?
  • you guys can you believe I won't live here anymore on July 4th
    I'll be in the stupid part of the country where our stupid country was invented
    I bet it's stupid there on the 4th
  • don't make us cry
  • it definitely seems like you are leaving a month too early
  • To me Happy Valley could be the moon. Don't get. But there is a put put there which is fancy and not too expensive. It would be fun to play in Brooks Brothers, wingtips and monocles.

    Oaks Park is a fav. Other than July 4 doubt would require any reserving. Easy to do a get together in the park above with music no fees.
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