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elections corrections

edited May 2014
Another ballot! Ovals to blacken! Zins to consult! Any reason to go against willy week recs?

Speaking of the double-dub did anyone catch the emo interview of the right-wing guy by WW editorial board where they were just straight up mocking him and pretending not to understand why he was pissed? Maybe one of those things that happened a long time ago and I just caught it?


  • Those were all right-wing guys (Republican candidates for US Senate), but that one guy just had an attitude problem. Sort of amusing to see him get all bent out of shape and get kicked out.

    WW recommendations this time are fine. Especially important is this stupid water board measure — it effectively gives all control of Portland water to industrial polluters. The measure bans people who have professional experience in any water bureau from even running! So stupid. Vote no.

    If you live in State House district 42 (in southeast), you've probably gotten mail and canvass visits from candidates. Make up your own mind on this one — it determines what kind of Democrat we send to Salem next year from the district.

    Voting for Nicholas Caleb over Dan Saltzman is popular in some actvist circles, but it doesn't matter — Saltzman will win by a large margin. The Mercury, in particular, finds Saltzman's "candidate of change" pitch implausible.

    I'm voting for (and I've done a bit of work for) Deborah Kafoury for County Chair, but maybe you want to vote for Jim Francesconi? I dunno, his "jobs jobs jobs" platform strikes me as hollow, since the county does next to nothing about jobs. They run services that protect the vulnerable, do some law enforcement, couple of bridges… Not really jobs.

    County Chair! Why aren't there televised debates for that like for mayor? It's for the whole damn county. Their budget is a lot, a couple of billion dollars. Huh.
    My ballot came and I just stared at it in defeat, like where do I even begin? Luckily UrHo has a resident expert for almost everything.

  • If I missed stuff, post additional questions here and I'll update.

    Do you guys want me to post, after the election, the names of otherwise upstanding UHXers who didn't vote? That seems like it would be fun. (As you may recall, how you vote is private, but whether you vote is public record…)
  • My friend Cody sends out a voting guide every election and I nearly always agree with his calls. Here is this year's advice:

    Here's my friendly guide to how I am voting (or would vote if I lived in a different district) this election. I don't mean to presume to tell you how to vote, but a lot of friends and folks who generally agree with me politically but who don't have time to sift through the voter's pamphlet or read all the news have asked me to send them this email, so I thought I'd share it with you in case you fell into that camp or otherwise were curious to know what my take on things is. Feel free to vote however you want, though, and feel free to delete this email or forward it to anyone.

    Here I go:

    As an initial matter, I always vote for the sole candidate in all uncontested races. If you were up there, you wouldn't want people skipping your race and risking you getting beat by some wacky write-in. I'll let you know if I think an uncontested race deserves a write-in.

    Vote no on measure 26-156. While the water/sewer system needs reform, this measure was written by corporate lobbyists primarily seeking to evade environmental regulations.

    State Rep 41: Deborah Barnes. Well connected in the district and a longtime leader with education and labor credentials. Articulate voice against the Tea Party.
    State Rep 42: Rob Nosse. Teddy Keizer also looks good in this race, but I think Nosse has the edge.
    State Rep 44: Tina Kotek. Amazing leader. No reason not to vote for her again.
    State Rep 45: Barbara Smith Warner. Keep this incumbent in office also.
    Metro President: Tom Hughes. I voted for his opponent in the last election, but he's done a good job, and there is no real opposition here.
    Multnomah Chair: Deborah Kafoury. Fantastic track record. I think Francesconi errs a tad on the "say anything to get elected" side.
    Multnomah County 1: Jules Bailey. There's a lot to like about Brian Wilson, but I think Bailey ultimately has the edge here. I went to college with him, by the way.
    Multnomah County 2: Loretta Smith. She's going a good job in this position. No serious opposition
    Portland Commissioner 2: Nick Fish. He's doing a good job also. No serious opposition.
    Portland Commissioner 3: Dan Saltzman. He's not my fave city commissioner, but there is no real opposition here.
  • Zin YES please, this will encourage me to vote!!!

  • Francesconi left a nasty taste in my mouth when he ran for Mayor, I'd prefer he retire from politics. I voted against Saltzman, but he does get my respect for taking strong stands, even when I disagree with them. I won't be mad when he gets re-elected.
    Oh, and No on the water one.
  • I dunno about the WW ed board video being amusing, I'm pretty progressive and it felt kinda dirty to have so much feels for a right winger. I lost some respect for WW.

    After he responds to a direct question "Global warming, real or myth?" with "myth" the follow up is "do you believe in the Easter bunny?" Really!? And writing 'blah blah blah' on your notepad in full view of the interview subject? The worst was the pure self-righteousness. "There's the door". What a bunch of tools.

    I mean, sure the Portland Mercury can get away with that, but since the O is such a huge steaming pile of rotting dog-shit the WW is almost our paper-of-record now. Respect yoselfs.
  • I watched just that part and felt the same way. I went back and watched the whole interview and I didn't. (No big surprise, context matters!) The candidate been talking over people and puffing himself up like he was important. He was being a dick to the other people in the room, on both sides of the table.

    Incidentally, the "blah blah blah" interview subject was the woman calling into the interview.
  • Meh. Puffing up and seeming important is pretty much the job description of a politician.

    I watched the long version too and still feel like an editorial board should stay professional and document the encounter in their paper if they feel it's relevant... so much better to report the truth that the guy is a prick then get caught up in his reindeer games.
  • Hah, thanks for pointing out that WWeek interview video. I just skipped to the part of the video where the guy was gone and then backed up a minute to see what happened. It's kind of hard to hear them, but it was funny to see him spazz out.
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    What if we've decided Kafoury is an idiot, based on her idiotic comments re: the county farmer?
  • “It probably costs more money for us to pay for the salary of the farmer and grow the food ourselves rather than just give that money to charities directly."

    Good example of using conventional wisdom and/or "common sense" instead of reason. It "probably" costs more to have a county farmer? Really? Has Kafoury actually done any analysis of this program?

    Sorry but she sounds really, really dumb here.
  • Seriously? WW board was so immature and out of line. Why *wouldn't* they give each candidate a chance to answer questions? I totally agree that it makes no sense for them to only ask questions of some candidates and not give others a chance to speak up. I would have been annoyed, too.

    GROW UP.


    "Blah blah blah blah" -- ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    I do not understand why we can't just f*cking treat each other with respect. Why is this so hard? And why is it so hard for people to treat others with respect even when they're being disrespected? That's what growing as a human being is all about! I'm certainly not perfect at it - we all make plenty of mistakes - but shouldn't we all be striving for it? WHY AREN'T WE ALL STRIVING FOR IT?

    I don't know why I'm so mad about this.
  • because it's hard. You're basically asking "why can't everyone be like Jesus Christ," when in reality it's actually very hard to be like Jesus Christ.

    When people are dumb or rude or disrespectful, it's simply difficult to be gentle and kind to them and to take their ideas seriously. It's just straight-up hard, no two ways about it. It's so hard that Sigmund Freud wrote an entire book proving that actually it's impossible.

  • I try to be respectful so hard and I fail almost every time, so I know what I'm talking about. I'm not a bad person but controlling emotions is actually very challenging! Deep down we are still gorillas
  • Yeah, it's totally hard and I fail at it all the time, too! But YT, one thing you have going for you is that you seem to be really reflective and thoughtful about your prior actions, and are willing to admit mistakes. I guess what made me so upset was that it seemed like WW wasn't owning that they had been disrespectful. Maybe they did, and I just didn't see it.

    I also hold journalists to a higher standard when it comes to being professional with politicians holding opposing views, I think. Shouldn't they have more practice/isn't that something they should be trying to work on? I don't know. I feel like I would be equally appalled (ok, more appalled) if a fellow counselor disrespected a client - sure it's REALLY hard to sit there and be strategic and empathic in the face of stuff that pushes your buttons, but that's a big part of the job/your training!

  • "When people are dumb or rude or disrespectful, it's simply difficult to be gentle and kind to them and to take their ideas seriously."

    Tell me about it. This is basically the bulk of my job and it's preeeeeetty draining.
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    also, are all "opposing views" equal, in terms of merit? Should all opposing views be taken seriously? Do journalists need to take creationism just as seriously as they take the theory of evolution? Do journalists need to give equal serious credibility to the Westboro Baptist Church as they do to somebody with a PhD talking about climate change?

    I don't think all opposing views are equal, and I don't think journalists should pretend like they are.

    Whether this should take the form of actively mocking someone, I don't know, but I certainly don't want to live in a world where scientists, experts, intellectuals, and every random batshit asshole are all given an equal platform in terms of being taken seriously and being treated respectfully.
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    I'm totally fine with treating batshit viewpoints with no respect at all in certain contexts.

    That being said, I'm prolly not gonna give my 93 year old grandma shit for being a young earth creationist who probably believes that a whole lot of people are going to hell.
  • of course, context is everything!
  • are all "opposing views" equal, in terms of merit? --> of course not!

    Should all opposing views be taken seriously? --> No. Depends on context.

    Do journalists need to give equal serious credibility to the Westboro Baptist Church as they do to somebody with a PhD talking about climate change? --> also depends on context. If journalists don't plan to take seriously the views of the Westboro Baptist Church, they probably shouldn't invite the Westboro Baptist Church to an interview?

    Whether this should take the form of actively mocking someone, I don't know --> You don't? THIS is what upsets me, and maybe I'm just overly sensitive or downright morally prude or something... when is it EVER okay to downright mock someone in a disrespectful way? I think one could argue that a lot of satire and humor is still done respectfully. Why can't we all just agree that it's not okay to "meanly" mock someone? IT ISN'T IN MY BOOK! Which isn't to say it's an easy thing to refrain from doing...

  • edited May 2014
    [redacted because I sound like an idiot]
  • I think it's okay to meanly mock someone in the right type of scenario.

    Would love to meanly mock Dick Cheney, or Limbaugh, or Hannity, or pretty much anybody on Fox News.

    Also people who ride razor scooters who are past the age of 11.
  • If somebody holds truly stupid beliefs that they are confidently going on about in a public forum then yeah, I think it's okay to mock them. Jon Stewart does it, do you think he's mean? I think he's a fucking patriot. Thank god for Jon Stewart, et al. I would a billion times rather live in a world where someone like Sarah Palin is cruelly mocked off of her very first televised debate and never heard from again. Instead I live in our actual world, where we all act like "all viewpoints are equally valid" and then boom she almost becomes VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  • even Jesus Christ himself overturned those money-changers' tables in a rage!!

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    I'll meanly mock christ too, IDGAF


    Actually pretty well I guess.


    Anyway sometimes you gotta be mean and rude to fight the power.
  • I like that the Willy Week was rude, but it also makes me respect them less.

    Weird, but true.
  • I didn't watch the interview! Sounds pretty lame of them (WW), to be honest.
  • edited May 2014
    it does sound lame of WW
    I'm just advocating for sometimes being dismissive of stupid people; sometimes it is perfectly reasonable. If I went up on a public forum and said stupid unfounded shit I would expect to be rudely dismissed. I have been rudely dismissed before (even by close friends who love me!) when I have said something truly stupid and it seems reasonable to me. Being rudely dismissive of a stupid person doesn't always have to be "mean," or like, even if it is mean I think it's called for sometimes.

    I was thinking about this today and how there is a time and place for gentle guidance and a time and place for fucking putting your money where your goddamn mouth is. If I'm teaching a class of college freshmen and one of them says something stupid, I'm going to gently guide them to a better understanding, instead of being mean and mocking. But if a grown-ass person is putting themselves in a position of authority, and THEY say something stupid, then they deserve to be rudely dismissed--nay, they SHOULD and MUST be rudely dismissed.

    I don't want us to treat all grownup people who ought to know better the way we treat our school children!
  • was it money changers or money lenders?

    are they the same thing?

  • Usury is money lending related, I think. And money changing was about a specific activity involved in the temple. I typed this answer to give an example of when someone tries to remember something without googling it.
  • "the good old days"
  • zinzin
    edited May 2014
    Hey, did anyone vote yet?

    I dropped my ballot on Sunday, so it hasn't been recorded as "voted" just yet. It was easier than I thought it would be. Sometimes there are those elections for Judge or something where you have no information, but all of those on my ballot were uncontested. So it was just City Council, County Commission, the corporate water board thing, and Democratic primaries.

    Multnomah County has not yet recorded receipt of a ballot from Yours Truly.
  • Is there a physical location for registering/voting?
  • I filled out my ballot last night, dropping off tonight or tomorrow.
  • omg I haven't done mine YEETTTTTTT but it's sitting out on the kitchen table
  • Andrew: Yes. Multnomah County Elections, 1040 SE Morrison St. Right next to YU. Walk on in.

    If you were previously registered in Oregon, you can update your registration and you should be able to vote in this election.

    If you've never been registered to vote in Oregon, it's past the deadline to register for this particular election.
  • filled out my ballot!
    All that remains is to successfully take it to the library tomorrow.....will she do it
  • Josh told me this would happen two weeks ago.
    He can see the future.

  • Gotta take my ballot to the McD's and collect my reward sundae.
  • I just dropped my off in the box!

    I RIP!
  • Whoa, the "flag of equal marriage" is cool! One star for each state that has legal same-sex marriage.

  • I dropped mine too, where is my prize!?
  • There's got to be a weed version of that where there's weed leaves instead of stars.
  • Mine's with Ronald.
  • Good job guys, we did good.
  • WHO GETS SHAMED THO? Did we all vote?
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