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Bridgetown Festival of Comedy

edited May 2014

What are people going to?

I'm busy this evening until late, but I'm planning to see Baron Vaughn Presents: The New Negroes at 10 pm.


  • I am going to Dead Authors at 8, and then Baron Vaughn presents at 10. I hope the festival isn't as crazy as last year with 1 hour lines for everything...
  • I'm getting a wristband this year, for the first time. Doesn't it grant me the godlike power to skip long lines?
  • You get to skip the ticket line and get into the wristband line with the rest of us.
  • No! You'd think wouldn't you?
    I don't remember too many massive lines last year. Oh yeah, I guess for the big shows at the Bagdad.

    I worry that there WILL be big lines this year.
    This is the first year without the Bagdad as being the anchor for the big shows of the festival. It seems like they are sorta replacing the Bagdad with the Doug Fir but the Doug Fir is nowhere near as big as the B-dad. They've also been teasing on twitter that they were almost SOLD OUT of passes which i don't think has ever happened before so the shows should be pretty busy.

    You can avoid lines by avoiding the shows that the Merc & WW recommend. It seems like they've tried to balance the shows this year a little more which in theory should be good for lines but its also a little frustrating cause you are left with very tough choices. This years schedule really has my mind spinning. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

    I love Paul F. Tompkins (driven hours to see him before) but I think that show tonight is gonna be a MADHOUSE. WHAT TO DO!?!??!

    I'll probably make an attempt at PFT at 8 tonight with a backup of the Before You Were Funny show cause Alice Wetterlund and Eliza Skinner are both great or the Doug Fir Show cause of Sean Cullen.

    10pm tonight I'm totally confused top 2 possibilities:
    Bossanova (Sean Cullen, Nick Rutherford, Emily Maya Mills, Wil Anderson, Richard Bain)
    Alhambra (formerly Mt. Tabor Theater) (Hari Kondabolu, Andres du Bouchet, Jon Daly)
  • I have been sabotaged and I feel completely crummy now... I hate having a wristband and not being able to use it!
  • Sabotaged?
    With sickness?
  • Yes with sickness, but I bounce back pretty quickly, and felt good enough to make it out to PFT! So good!
  • You got a 3 hour bug!

    How was the PFT experience?
    I was picking up my wristband at the Doug Fir and there were a good amount of people who wanted to go to the PFT show and had been waiting over there but then were told they had to come to the Doug Fir to pick up wristbands and were stressed and pissed about losing their spots in the PFT line.

    I had a very solid & fun first night!
    Saw a fun show called Before You Were Funny where comedians submit some of their first examples of comedy writing and then they perform it and a couple of my faves were of that show (Alice Wetterlund & Eliza Skinner)
    Sean Cullen was delightful!
    Jamie Lee is sharp as fuck!
    I really enjoyed a Canadian man named Chris Locke I hadn't heard of before.
    Jon Daly did a very cool & dumb standup character maybe named C'mon Now
    Conan writer Andres du Bouchet did a brilliant conceptual piece involving beautiful poetry
    Hari Kondabolu is one of the best out there these days. He somehow makes social commentary so funny & light.

  • PFT was great. DAP isn't my favorite thing he does, but it was just so great to watch him. I love him so much... it is kind of crazy. I need to dip into his Fusion network show where he debates with puppets. I wish Superego would come back... rambling...
    I bounce back pretty quickly.
    What are you seeing tonight?
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