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WeatherWatch For May 17, 2014

edited May 2014
Current Forecast: 70% chance precipitation, high of 64


  • Does anybody have access to some sort of a party tent that we can potentially use in case of downpour?
  • I rented a tent canopy for a party last year and it wasn't too expensive (but I did have to drive way out to the 'burbs for pick up/drop off). I had the smallest size -- 10' by 10' -- and I set it up myself without any trouble.

  • can we all ditch work and do it Thurs or Fri instead??????
  • Do it Thurs so I can come! I have to go to Idaho for my cousin's graduation this weekend so I'm missing all the fun. :(
  • Friday would be amazing. But I can't ditch work and also the permits are for Saturday ;(
  • edited May 2014
    are you asking if someone can pitch a tent at your party?

  • Don't worry. If you get wet, you can change into a commemorative t-shirt:

  • Also, Columbia Park has a large covered picnic area, and the brave people can play softball in the rain. Maybe Alex and Mike could mud wrestle?!
  • oh my god THAT T SHIRT
    how can I get one

  • SHOW UP. I have thirty thanks to E*rock

    Sorry all spoilers this year.
  • Forecast is now 0% precipitation.
  • Which forecast you looking at? I'm getting 30%. Not bad though! #scatteredshowers
  • anybody got a baseball glove for this li'l paw to borrow???
  • GUYS! it is so awesome that you are throwing me a coming-home party, but you scheduled it one day too early!

    (I am sorry to be missing this, but yeah, I am done with Buffalo, and excited to get back to Oregon and party with y'all!!!)
  • Time flies! He's done!

  • If you're on Alex's team you can use mine.

    (assuming Mike will pick me for his team)
  • zinzin
    edited May 2014
    Keeping my eye on this.
  • FUCK YEAH, check Zin's link again!
  • We should have a betting pool. WHEN WILL IT RAIN!?
  • Sorry I crapped out :( There should be a for my introversion levels. Hope the bday boys had fun and slammed lots of shrimp.
  • I came on here to say almost exactly what MZ said! I am super sorry I missed this event, which sounds like it was incredibly fun. I was literally driving to the park when social anxiety kicked in and I veered south to hang with family instead.

    The happiest of birthdays to both of you boys! Maybe Matt and I can convince you to come over for some belated birthday backyard croquet in the near future.

  • the weather could not have been better!!!!! Good Time Had By ALL.

  • I loved it! Great speeches!

    I am in full recovery mode, because I completely forgot to eat anything and just drank all day and night. OOOPS.

  • What a great time! Softball! ROASTS! Iceface! Butterluge! Ranch! I drank all the alcohols. White wine, champagne, beer, and whiskey.

    In recovery mode as well but I had the foresight to eat a giant salmon skewer early on, so at least I had food in me.
  • Apparently had so much fun I lost my green jacket with my tortoise shell sunnies it in. Lemme know if anyone saw it in the clean up... :/
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