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Best To Do List Item: Snack Photoshoot

edited May 2014
I need to do a snack photoshoot today.

That's it. Just wanted to brag about my coolest to do list item.


  • that is very cool.

    my to-do list is horrible. It's separated into five sub-categories:
    - work
    - scholarship
    - moving away
    - fun
    - buy

    I'm trying to arrange it in order of priority in each category but it's not working.

    The coolest thing on there is probably either "figure out how to migrate my TIAA-CREF account" or "buy a snoopy coat"
  • MIKE'S 40th
    -make cake(s)
    -celebrate Mike
    -stalk every goodwill to replace the baseball gloves that got moldy in our garage

    2ND JOB
    -figure out how to make money running the upstairs as a vacation rental
    -do it

    -recover from fall down the stairs
    -family time
    -convince Mike to get a second dog
    -go hang out at the pottery studio
  • are you guys buying your building??????????????????????????????????????????

    you could make a KILLING airbnb'ing that upstairs joint!! wow

  • I am managing the upstairs on VRBO/Airbnb. I pitched them the idea and the owners took it off the market!

  • So no purchase, but at least we're stable here for another year!
  • wow, that's so cool. Are they paying you a salary or how will it work??
    Seems so cool and easy, once you get it all set up and get the routine down. Mostly just washing sheets and towels! RIGHT??
  • Totally.

    I suggested the following payment system, knowing that it would be impossible for me to track hours when I'm literally working 3 minutes at a time all throughout the day:

    -our rent stays the same (350 discount to what they would require us to pay if they continued renting both units to long-term renters)
    -I get paid the cleaning fees
    -everything they make over and above their set required income for the entire house will be split 20/80

    If someone rents it for the entire month, I'd make $472 that month and basically do nothing, which would be cool.

    If it's rented 80% of the time by people renting 2 nights each I'd make 1,310 that month, but I'd be doing regular cleaning and meeting/communicating with people.

    It has to rent 10 nights to make the bare minimum. Plus they have to recoup furnishing costs over the year.

    WE'LL SEE!
  • Send all your visiting family to the castle! (please)
  • Killer negotiating. Install a keyless entry system! :)
  • really good negosh!!!
    I could see my parents renting it for a few months every year
  • Yea! Keyless, I was thinking about that! But our front door is that giant weird curved wood thing with ancient locks... would that work?

    Next step is to convince my primary employer that I can basically do everything from home and move to just consulting work. Then I can just garden and drink shandies in the yard with the dog(s) and bake cookies for guests.

    Friends and family discounts initially! She wants to rent it for 200/night, which is steeper than most Airbnb. But she wants to do fresh flowers, bikes available, robes, slippers, etc. I'm trying to talk down the cost initially to rent it quicker until we get reviews.
  • May totally fall apart, but at least we don't have to move for another year and I get to say I was a property manager.
  • I thought the place got bought? Did the offer fall through? What a cool set up though! $200 a night is a lot for a Portland AirBnB, good idea to make it cheaper initially.
  • Yea, I've built a big financial projections worksheet for them to show them that they'll make more money if they price it lower. And then if it gets good reviews they can bump it and up the available services.

    Sale fell through a few weeks ago and then I suggested the vacation rental idea.
  • If you can't replace the actual lock with keyless entry, you could have a lockbox with keys inside, like Realtors use.
  • At our AirBNB in Maui, he'd installed a keyless entry screen door in front of the main door, and the keys to the main door were inside the house. So the main door was unlocked when you arrived and you just punched a code into the screen door.
  • This is such a cool plan!!
  • Let us know when it's listed on airbnb.
  • It should be ready for photographing by month's end! I'll post the listing when it's live. Sadly I am not outfitting the place and I DO NOT love what is happening to it. But what can you do?
  • Apparently AirBNB has a robust forum of renters giving each other advice on "best practices" so you could maybe grab some persuasive info from there to get them on the right track?
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