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edited September 2014
For those that are freelancing, what do you use for accounting and tracking income/expenses and invoicing clients?

I've been using Freshbooks but I would never recommend it and I only use it for invoices.


  • Boring as it is, I think QuickBooks is pretty standard?
  • Does anyone know of something free that's less detailed than Freshbooks (i.e. no need for other users, payroll, etc) but more complex than a spreadsheet?
  • Harvest does time tracking/expense tracking and invoicing, but don't know if it's powerful enough for real "accounting". I really like it for time tracking though.
  • I don't use any of this stuff for accounting / invoicing. My system is super simple but it seems to work.

    Other than that on my current contract uses 10000ft for time tracking / management, Basecamp for project management, and Expensify for expense reports.
  • Oh yeah, well I use 1000000ft
  • I use a Mead pocket notebook with an ol' nub of a bowling pencil stuck in the spiral
  • I didn't like Basecamp... but all of the project management tools seem kind of like overkill to me. We use Asana currently, but I never look at it. We also have Trello, GitHub, and HipChat, and Expensify for expenses. These are all reasons I wish I was a cabinet maker or something.
  • Yeah, it's kind of the worst dealing with all this BS. I feel like I spend more time catching up on time tracking and expensing than actually working.
  • Not time tracking, but we’ve been using Slack. I like the integrations, wrote a script to send a notification on deployment, stuff like that.
  • Yeah, I pushed for Slack to replace HipChat, but so far no go.
  • Studiometry is a thing people I know like:
  • My favorite thing about getting out of the web business (for now) and into Industrial Design is not having any time tracking anymore, and very light PM software. And I get to work with badass cabinet makers ; )
  • Not all web businesses use time tracking ;)
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