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How to sell records

edited October 2014
How does a person sell used records? I inventoried and priced them based on ebay/amazon prices, but it seems like a huge pain to list them all and deal with selling them. Do people actually pay money for nice OOP records? Should I just pay Mike's nice young man who does things for money to do it and give him a cut? It's probably dumb and a waste to take them to most record stores, right?


  • (send me the list first tho)
  • Cool! Thank you! I'll send the list over.
  • yeah discogs. or sell them to record store but expect 10-20%ish of discogs price.
  • I am bad at listening to music. But then cataloguing the records made me think about them and now I'm nostalgic for some and don't want to sell them. And that's why you pay someone else to do it for you.
  • Some things have more value donated at a taxing entity acceptable documentation of value than they do being sold at the lowest convenient price. Say you sell a record for $.50 at M. Records. If you donate it at the Discogs value of say $10, and you itemize deductions, then the deduction is worth your marginal tax rate times $10. Of course there is no doubt some fine print and this does not constitute advice.
    Weird thing, vinyl sales are on the upswing.
  • I don't listen to my vinyl albums often, but you have to keep them around because they're hard to re-acquire.
  • vinyl is about 80% of my listening these days. Weird!
  • I always set it and forget it. So then the music dies and the record spins for hours and hours. I wish my life involved sitting in a cool leather chair with great headphones and listening to records. Maybe headphones with a 40 ft cord so I could wander around the house and do stuff.
  • They make wireless headphones :)
  • It's the future! Of course they do.

    I'm trying to get rid of stuff, not think of other stuff I want like hapi drums and wireless headphones. DIANE.
  • You need an automatic turntable, for starters.
  • Haha, it's good that you're trying to overcome it! I'm working on that myself :)
  • I've been brutal about minimizing stuff lately. Partly because the apartment is too big and in three years my life has expanded to fill it but I won't always be there and don't want a big place, and partly because I want to not want and I want out of debt.
  • get out of debt!!!!
    then the leather chair and the music in the air will feel much more pleasant.

    but even now, 20 minutes of relaxing and reading a magazine while listening to a bit of music on vinyl will do your life good

  • Set up nonprofit (~educational) library. Donate all our physical media to the library in exchange for tax advantage. Available to borrow. Excess cash donations fund rent (from a nonprofit landlord?), administration salary and arts residencies. Educational library digitizes the material for virtual access. BTW:
  • My roomie who was moving out just made over $1k selling like 80ish records to Mississippi Records in the last week. I was very impressed with that total. He had some valuable ones, but you'd be surprised at what is valuable.

  • Also that dude Eric at Mississippi is such a solid dude he's gonna give you a fair price even if you have your head up your ass about your valuable record.
  • This is some cool advice! I have been dragging my heels on listing things online. Would so much rather deal with someone in person!
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