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edited October 2014
We know a guy who is being turned into a movie! WTF!?


  • I think he won "Let's Get Famous" with this?
  • I can't believe it
    it is so funny
    I can't believe it is actually happening!!!!!!!!
    Stock prices are gonna soar; glad I got in on that last big offering
  • edited October 2014
    What a good boy, I think he's pretty ok! I'm pumped that the writers are coming from Transparent, I liked that show and some of the other writers they were talking to earlier were not so great.

    Portland movie premiere! In like two years probably.
  • I’ll be there
  • Whatever happened to that YACHT show?
  • I am trying to not get my hopes up. Tinsel Town sparkles from the tears of broken projects...
  • The Great KMikeyM Stock Bubble of Late 2014/Early 2015
  • now i'm annoyed that I lost my one share coupon before i registered it! (This was not impacting my enjoyment of the project before, it was fun as a pure spectator.)

    this actually clarifies to me why people like speculative finance/find it fun.
  • It's a real roller coaster right now!
  • Turbulent times are fun times.
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