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Bernie Sanders

edited December 2010
Anybody watch any of his super long speech?


  • I watched a bit. I liked him. Is he a nutjob? Or is he legit?
  • It's a funny concept cause isn't filibustering supposed to just fill time and not be actually about the content, but I heard he was being cool!
  • He is not a nutjob, he is awesome. I watched a bunch of his filibuster speech on friday, and was even more impressed with a previous (concise) speech he made a week or two ago, which you can watch here:

    so shocking and audacious to watch someone actually say this in congress.
  • Maybe the most legit.

    Funny thing though, for the first time ever, I heard him described as a Socialist the other day. (On NPR). It is true he is a Socialist (Socialist Party of Vermont or something) but I have always heard him previously described as a "liberal independent that caucuses with the Democrats". I found this change of description interesting. Maybe a little creepy. Maybe not.

  • LEGIT SOCIALISTS REPRESENT. Worse than bogeymen? When confronted with someone who freely admits to being a Socialist, what is the reaction of a member of "the terrified"?

    I'm in such a cranky mood today.
  • Socialists are like, "The government should do good stuff for everybody."

    Fucking scary idea, right?
  • ha ha ha

    "maybe you shouldn't die in the street because you can't afford an appendectomy. JUST SAYIN"
  • edited December 2010
    All free shit should be illegal.
  • [Nice sickle dude.]
  • I don't think Your talking about Bernie Sanders.

    I Once saw Bernie Sanders Live at the Silverdome. What a Living Legend!

    I don't think He's

    Draft saved at 9:45AM.
  • SICKLE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sick. le.
  • edited December 2010

  • edited December 2010

    if Barry Sanders was still around I would still watch football
    if Bernie Sanders could change a few things I wouldn't be so jaded about politics
  • edited December 2010
    how did he pull some of those off?

  • Just noticed the sickle you guys are talking about. Rad.
  • KMIKE is like, "I PAID for this microphone!"
  • I like bernie, but my opinion, unpopular among my peers, is that Obama did the right thing by striking the tax deal.
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