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Blizzard Watch 2014

edited November 2014
I've been sick in bed for 4 days now. Starting to feel better but now HERE COMES SNOW:


  • This snow is bullshit. Sure, it's cold, but why am I not in the office gossiping about the 3rd quarter results? I STAYED HOME FOR THIS?! THIS IS NOT BAD WEATHER.
  • Guys it's so funny because we're supposedly getting our first snow tonight too!

    Twinsies, from all across the country, isn't it nice

    Frankly I'll believes it when I sees it, w/r/t snow tonight
  • There is sleet now. Ice is coating everything. I take it back. WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.
  • lizard watch
  • Yeah I might head back home to avoid sleetfest 420
  • Being someone who works from home has really gone to the next level now that I have a fireplace. When people picture tech workers, they probably think of weird Google Campus shit and lanyards, and not me on my laptop in front of a fireplace.
  • I would just be asleep 100% of the time if I worked from home. I just came back to work from home because I'm still not feeling too good, and I'm about to fall asleep.
  • Update: Just slept for 2.5 hours
  • it said 90% chance of snow last night but not one flake fell


    it is abruptly VERY cold, like ears aching from cold. The sun is bright as always but the temperature just dropped overnight like 20 degrees.

    Just keeping you guys in the loop
  • We saw some flakes, but nothing that exciting. It's very icy here now. When it drops below freezing outside, my shoulders really start to tense up.
  • Get some scarf on that neck! Shameless plug.

    But, style be damned, I am totally buying a fleece face mask thing.
  • Bought the dog a fleece, but she immediately gnawed the velcro. :(
  • dog wore his coat for first time yesterday. Did not like it. Took him a long time to figure out how to poop while wearing it.

    It's like all the normal ways he understands where his body is are disrupted when you put clothes on him
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