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vitamin d lamp?

edited November 2014
anybody got good recommendations for lamp that will act like sunlight on my body?
feels weird to drop $100 on some random product I know nothing personally about

? surely some of you portland dorks have explored this option


  • I use the Philips GoLite Blu, based on the somewhat-scientific explanation that it's the blue color of the sky hitting receptors in your eyes that regulates the happiness hormones.

    It seems to help me feel a little more energized when I remember to use it. Does not produce vitamin D.
  • I got one shaped like the luxor pyramid many years ago. I don't sit in front of it at the breakfast table like I'm supposed to, but I did hook it up to a smart plug so that it turns on early in the AM and acts as my gentle alarm clock, which is nice.
  • is it specifically UVB? I specifically need the vitamin d. This is NOT about my "feelings" but about my actual human body not producing enough vitamin d

    i just learned, in researching this, that your vitamin d levels don't drop in winter just because your skin isn't exposed to as much sun---the low angle of the sun in winter literally doesn't produce much vitamin d!!!! So we are fucked
  • the only reason humans have been able to live in icy zones like Alaska and Norway is because they eat so much fish

    isn't the world interesting
  • Or perhaps the reason they can eat so much fish is because they live in a place lowers their vitamin D levels.

    Would I give up fish for sunlight? Thanks to global warming and industrial fishing practices I don't have to make that decision!
  • Love that relentless silver lining!
  • Saw your UrHo post. I think there are indeed tanning beds with UVB, but tanning is super creepy. We did it before going to Hawaii because it sounded like the kind of weird thing we'd like to try once. We went to maybe 10 sessions, and it was interesting, but you always leave smelling like a cooked hotdog, which is really disturbing :(
  • The Mayo post says a good SAD lamp filters out most UV light.....
  • yeah I know. That's why I was like THANKS A LOT LELAND......NOT

  • Go ahead, melt your science-hating face off if you think that'll cheer you up...
  • AS I SAID, it is not about my feelings! It is about literal vitamin D deficiency which I believe is what's giving me heinous night sweats and PMS
  • I use anti-sad lights from Sun Lan in my living room. I have them on from when I get home (6-7) until 8pm. They've worked well for me.
  • What's wrong with taking vitamin D pills?
  • well I don't know. I take a big vitamin d supplement but it's not quite fixing my issue. I read that vitamin d can be hard to absorb enough of in supplement form and that the ideal way of getting it is through your skin in the sun like normal. So I am just feeling out options.
  • Interesting, I was just curious, not trying to supplement shame you.
  • edited November 2014
    I know a gym near me claims it has a "full spectrum light therapy" room. Maybe there's a gym near you with something like that?
  • i asked at my gym and they don't!

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