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Holiday Travels (and the possibility of a party)

edited December 2014
Who is traveling for the holidays!?!? I like knowing where UrHo will be...

Also, there has been rumors about a Holiday Party on the 19th. Would people like that?


  • I'm going to Seattle for my company's "off-site" and party next week, but I will be around for Critmas.
  • The 19th would be sweet. Last day of work!
  • I'm traveling TO the land of Urho!
    I hope every goddamn day is very festive... or else...
  • edited December 2014
    I will be in Colorado 20-25, then Palm Springs/LA 27-1.
    I would like to party down.
    WITH the_owls.
    OR ELSE!!

    (19th is good)
  • I am very pleased to report that I am not traveling for this holiday.
    While I would love to be with UrHo to celebrate the birth of our lord, I am even more thrilled to simply sit on my butt while every other American is braving the gnarliest of airport situations

    good day
  • Everyone has selected the 19th as their holiday party day. Jessica and I, though we would make no claim to general social popularity, are quadruple-booked (!) that day.

    And then we're off to Alaska until the 29th.
  • winging back west today, feel free to start inviting me to parties or just to come over and eat a cheese plate!
  • We're getting pretty close! Is the 19th still happening? Can I help in any way?
  • We're maybe dipping out due to collective house stress levels. Mike is on some weird work binge and I keep taking on new bookkeeping clients and suddenly have to make 60 scarves for the Ace hotel! EEEP.

    Mike suggested to me a white elephant gift exchange at a bar tho.
  • Congrats on the Ace gig. I made early dinner plans for the 19th, so maybe this was not meant to be.
  • Thanks Di. If you know any artistic young persons with careful hands and not enough job experience to demand more than $15/hr, I'm likely going to hire someone to help. Must love dogs.
  • I might know some young artful people?
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