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Golf clubs need to be dusted off

edited December 2014
For those of you who have golf clubs, where is a good driving range nearby? (I'm in inner NE). The only place I've been to a driving range since I moved to Portland was out toward Gresham. Anywhere closer?

Also, anyone looking for a golf partner? My clubs haven't played a proper game in over a decade.


  • I like going to Heron Lakes because you can hit off grass at their range. No idea if they keep that open in the winter, though. Eastmoreland, down by Reed College, is nice for hitting off mats — it has a kind of funny country club vibe for a public course.

    I'd go hit some balls with you when it's not freezing out.
  • edited January 2015
    They should be Regularly, even in the winter time !

    For my clubs I use Windex and a towel for the dog.

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