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edited January 2015
I'm working on my resolutions. As my friend Doug pointed out, these are goals, not rules.


I'm trying to combine KmikeyM (the project) with my day job with my personal life. Three as one. Like the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Also, I'm going to start a spiritual practice (dark business). Also, read more. Also, C.R.E.A.M. Also, not sure what else... hope to have a document ready by the end of the week.

What about you?


  • You're late!
  • So far my only resolution is to take photos of all the weed dispensaries in Portland.
  • 2015 Resolution: "Less stewing, more spewing."

    In an attempt to become more outgoing, I will speak up when I disagree or see something wrong. Hopefully this will lead to fewer misunderstandings and a stronger sense of self. #feminism
  • that's a tough one!!! I will try to join you Lucy

  • 1) Make my physical environments comfortable. Pay attention to light and tidiness.

    2) Whenever possible, walk to/from work (but not tomorrow because I have to bring a bunch of fluorescent lighting tubes, because of resolution #1, I'm replacing the 4100K bulbs with 3500K bulbs.)
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