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  • also funny because "forced secularism" is part of what led to some of the more kooky-bananas aspects of post-Revolutionary French life, like where they banned Christianity and would do things like tie 200 monks together and drown them in a river, and after awhile they started forcing everyone to go to these huge outdoor festivals where they had to worship "the Goddess of Reason" and stuff. They tried to replace a 2,000 year old religion with this weird made-up state religion where Reason was also a supernatural deity, it didn't make any sense and DID NOT catch on (needless to say. Wouldn't it be so funny to discover there were French people who had little statues of Reason on their altars and they burned incense for her or whatever. "Thank Reason you have recovered from your illness!")

  • I like that you can write that much before coffee. That's your version of zombie mode, whereas I literally have almost no thoughts before caffeine.
  • edited January 2015
    coherence and quality is my main problem, not quantity
    "throw a bunch of shit on the wall and see what sticks"
  • Cool headline: "Anti-Islam protest leader steps down over Hitler selfie"
  • whenever you see the words "anti-islam protest leader" you know the words "Hitler selfie" can not be far behind
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