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Usability studies

edited January 2015
Hey! It just so happens that I am no longer at KP and my new gig involves doing web usability studies pretty regularly. Would it be annoying and weird for me to tell you when we're doing a study that you could participate in for money? Or would that be welcomed? Let me know!

We're conducting one the first week of Feb and I need folks who live above the poverty line and also purchase their own health insurance. Also: these peeps can't be working in software/web dev/design, marketing, and some other industries (could list if interested).

Would be a 60-75 minute interview, in-person at our Sellwood office. Pay is $100. We'd basically ask you to try to do some things on a website and tell us what you're thinking as you're doing it. Then we'll do that with other people, too, and collect data on what's catching people up, then report back to the company (in this case, a health insurer) re: how they can better design their site to make it easier for people to use.

Let me know if you're interested!


  • I've always thought that was a pretty neat job.
  • Yeah, it turns out I really enjoy listening to people, guiding them through experiences, helping them share things they don't normally get to share. That's the part I like, much more so than dealing with the corporate clients. :)
  • I'm not eligible for this one but I think you should keep posting these as they come up- who doesn't want to make $100?
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