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Winter Storm Jasmine-Forsythe

You west coasters probably aren't aware but over here everyone is basically preparing for End Times

"Snowfall rates of 2 to 4 inches per hour are not out of the question during the peak of the storm Monday night into Tuesday. Thunder and lightning could also accompany the heavy snow."



  • "Huge waves will likely lead to beach erosion, and freezing spray from the crashing waves could lead to significant ice accumulations on buildings and other objects along the immediate shoreline in parts of New England. These waves will also combine with the storm surge to worsen structural damage along exposed east-facing coastlines, especially in Massachusetts."

    I used to want to live on the coast / now I'm not so sure

    "Juno was named by the winter storm naming committee at The Weather Channel on Sunday morning. The name Juno is from Roman mythology, a goddess who looked after the women of Rome."

    ha ha ha ha
  • update: just got a list of numbers to call if I have to cancel events on campus. The email says: "Looks like we're finally getting a good old fashioned New England winter!"

  • I'm honestly kind of scared.
  • Faintest tiny microscopic snowflakes are gently fluttering down... for now.
  • nothing here yet!!! weather says the shit will hit the fan around 4 a.m.; I assume that's when our power will go out. At that point it will be a real no man's land, as I've never had the power go out when the temperature is 7 degrees before, except I grew up in a house where there was no power most of the time but it had a wood-burning stove and was earth-burmed. What the heck will happen to me and my family now, with this bullshit decorative-only fireplace?

  • would be dumb/funny if after all this hullabaloo it just dusted us faintly with snow
    I really gotta prep for class in case that happens
  • omg the weather channel is so intense

  • Yeah, there's a reason the West Coast has such a chill culture. The East Coast is way more brutal.
  • also square
  • If someone isn't aware of this storm they are living with their head partially up their ass.

    Many states have already declared states of emergency.

    3,000 flights have already been canceled for today and tomorrow.

    The governor of CT has declared a travel restriction after 9pm. Private cars cannot travel in NYC after 11pm and something similar to that in Boston.

    Two NBA games for tonight have been cancelled.

    More than 2 feet of snow projected plus 60 mile an hour winds in some places?
  • WHOAAAA!!!

    It makes it much scarier to know that the whole country is aware of this storm??

    I am trying so hard to prep for class but I just keep checking the emergency weather alert thing for school. Like a little kid!

    That is intense about the private car lock-down. Serious hatch-battening going on

    School is closing today at 5:30 and will remain closed all day tomorrow

    dang! I was gonna teach my kids about Germany
  • Now it's 6,000 canceled flights
  • Owls, YT, what are your emergency preparedness plans? Do you have candles and foods and heating options?!
  • Here is how we are prepared, if you see anything else we could do please tell me!
    - candles
    - lots of food you don't have to cook
    - small propane camping stove you could at least boil water on / heat up a jar of beans
    - pre-ground some coffee!! Major priority
    - put car in garage
    - extra flashlight batteries
    - doing all the laundry now

    I don't really know what else to do. The heating is really the only stressful thing, and no, we have no backup plan. Last year apparently the power was out for 9 straight days and my colleague had to sleep in her office on campus with her husband and two toddlers.

    I wish we had paid the $400 to get our chimney cleaned like everyone told us to do, then at least we could make a fire at night!

    we do have a sled, we could hook the dog to it and go on our merry way in that fashion I suppose
  • Fill up a bathtub full of drinking water while you still can (and remember the toilet tank in an emergency, lots of water in there!).

    Probably too late but you could look at a kerosene or gas catalytic space heater. Or if you have some winter sleeping bags you can zip them into one bag and body heat will do the rest. Your car is also a good emergency warming station but make sure to dig out the exhaust pipe first.

    And know where your fire extinguisher is (you have one, RIGHT?) and keep it handy as fire trucks will probably not be able to reach you.
  • edited January 2015
    OMG, what?! I haven't heard anything here about this level of emergency preparedness!!!

    I am truly scared... is the power going to go out? Am I going to be a frozen person?
    I don't have a car here so no emergency errands are gonna get done. I have food and wine, so I thought I was doing a good job?

    We have a gas fireplace but it's not working properly. Ummmmmmm..... fuck.
  • For the first time ever, UHX has given me a panic attack.
  • In an effort to cope, I will now make some hard boiled eggs.
  • Meanwhile, in Portland


    Why did y'all leave? The weather finally got better, probably forever.
  • edited January 2015
    I would strongly discourage drinking toilet tank water. Mine has some pretty intense biofilm, not that the pipes don't too.

    No media outlet has ever been faulted for over alarming. What happens will happen. But curious to see the power outages happen. It is usually the lowly tree falling that is the cause.

    Here is a Hurricane Sandy Internet outage animation
  • Well, I put aside as much water as possible while my roommate went to buy even more.

    Hard boiled some eggs, swept the floor... feeling antsy waiting for disaster.

    I'm from Oregon, you guys!!! I'm just a small salamander, I don't know what to do in these extreme climes.
  • Don't panic these people.

    It's a snowstorm, not the end of civilization.

    Prepare but do not panic.
    Relax and it will be over in a couple days.
  • Wanna know who's NOT panicking? Prince the cat.
  • Dr. H, you should super-chlorinate that tank and zap that film!
  • It was 65 degrees in the Cascade foothills yesterday. Mt Hood's at 20% of average snowpack. Doesn't bode well for the summer, unless the same thing happens as last year and February just dumps snow in the mountains.

    I wanna be stuck in some snow!
  • Remember this? This was cool!
  • OH


  • Its full of stars?

    UncleBoatShoes has it right sorry got carried away there. Been watching too much of that prepper tv show. This happened a few years ago to NYC didn't it?

    Check in and let us know how yer doin owly
  • Head so far up booty, I had NO IDEA this was happening. I've been living in blinders dyeing scarves and going to a catholic wake. For days! They are 3 days long! I hope everyone is doing ok; I guess I won't know via UHX cause their power/internet be going out.

    Welcome to Orefornia, where your knees will never storm-ache.
  • I don't get that glacier thing?!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!! How/why?

    Well so far it has been no big deal here guys! Although they were right to shut down school/town, because it did snow a shit load and is still snowing. In the night I woke up to the howling wind a couple of times. I remember that from my weird childhood--the way the wind actually moans and howls like a creature.

    But so far, still have power. The plows are out, but it's snowing a lot. E.g. in the early morning dudes plowed our sidewalk and the road in front of the house and now it's all completely covered again in probably 3 inches

    I am eating a miniature apple pie
  • Not much happening here in Philly, snow-wise. We got an inch or two, maybe, but the roads are almost all clear today. Buses seemed to be running normally this morning but traffic was lighter than usual.
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    oooh just read a hot Massachusetts-specific winter storm update site. Apparently snowfall varied widely across the state--in Nantucket there was 75 mph wind and a foot of snow and power outages. Seems like the coast was where the real mayhem happened, as usual I guess.

    From reading that site I have learned the oldest town on the cape is called Sandwich

    hahaha just read a BBC story about the storm: "But some have just been enjoying the snow, bringing out their skis and sledges"

    ha ha ha sledges

  • edited January 2015
    The wind is absolutely howling, and has been for the last 12 hours.
    It looks awful out there, but I'm fine in here!
  • whoa! It's way mellow here. Stopped snowing, no wind. Everything is intensely gray and white though, not a drop of sun is shining.

    I think it's over
  • Providence tends to be very windy, I've noticed.
    It's still happening here, still snow. Very glad I have a lot of snacks and some booze.

    Currently eating breakfast in bed, cat is under the covers sleeping.
  • Sledge is one of those words that just REEKS of Ye Olde England
  • A lot of times its better to live with head up ass.

  • edited January 2015
    god knows mine is up there most of the time

    at least now I have a lot of cool snacks

  • now the sun is out and it is glorious outside, like a postcard of christmastime!

    putting my head back in my ass now
  • edited January 2015
    YT, looks like you just missed getting like 5 times as much snow by a few miles

    36 inches!??!

  • holy shit! Jesus!! So close to me!!
    The earth is truly amazing
  • Wow!!!!!
    We "only" got 17, but the drifts/piles on the side of the road are super huge. There are no more sidewalks.
  • so jealous.
  • I am very glad you guys are all ok.
    Over here it is "spring".

    Witch hazel is in full bloom, which is normal, but forsythia and quince are already well on their way.
  • This was my first year for knowing what witch hazel looks like.
  • Witch hazel is my favorite plant.
    I own three of them. They are like pets to me.
  • I was U-schooled in a snow zone. I finally discovered thermal underwear, hats, super socks and outdoor sports. I cross country ski commuted where I could shower at work to be decent. (but I would be reluctant to move back there)
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