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i remember when we were all much younger

and i still love you all


  • Miss u, boo.
  • love you Alron
    Sweet sweet Alan

  • like
    i remember the k message board
    i remember marching while chanting "cause im a reggae ghost, hello!"
    i remember the birth of urbanhonking as a internet magazine
    i remember mikey with dyed hair colors
    i remember steve from like the 90s, you guys
    other stuff
  • pizza! pizza! pizza! pizza! pizza! right before the show ended cause of the fire marshal.
  • edited January 2015
    I remember the Rip City show where the cops came and then Kyle and the crowd sang "that's the kind of shit that gets the cops called" for so long

    I remember how you chained your bike to that tree on campus and it was there for 6 years

    I remember Steve's and my joint birthday party where Steve rented the karaoke machine

    pizza chant yarn lzr

    let us not forget


  • 90s Steve was cool
  • Crazy Hat Larry
  • I remember that Rip City party where Kyle sang Hot in Here until we all really almost took off all our clothes (same as the cop party maybe?)
    I remember Ultimate Blogging and the amazing James/Lyova long con.
    I remember so many NYE's.
    I remember all the softball and mini golf and board games in the board room.

    Miss you, Alan.
    Love you, UHX.
  • I remember meeting Alan at May's house.
    I remember seeing YoursTruly on the roof of a car with a twisted foot asking Khaela if she had peed her pants.
    I remember Alan being one of the three people who came to see me play at the Rockfish Bar and Grill.
    I remember swamp_knobbler13 eating peanut butter on toast in the night in my kitchen in Victoria so he wouldn't barf from being drunk the next day.

    So many memories!
    But I only appeared in 2002 and I have always been a peripheral presence.
  • not peripheral! crucial!!

    poker nights at Joey and Fudge's house are still a true lifetime highlight. I hope to have another one before my day is done

    Softball is such a great new tradition for us. I feel like we take it the exact right amount of serious--serious enough to actually play, but not so serious that dweebs like me feel intimidated to play.

    I forgot about when I twisted my foot jumping off the stage and then Alan wrapped the mic cord around me and dragged me through the crowd and I was honestly scared my ankle was busted. It was fucked up for WEEKS and I never went to the doctor, that's youth for you

  • Yeah, I got hit by a car in my early 20s, but just walked it off.
  • edited January 2015
    remember when the Reverend Horton Heat played on campus

    Alan meeting Ween

    Steve and Jay getting jobs at Arby's

    Buff Guys show where Alan stood up and took off his shirt and goes "this show is dedicated to athletics"
  • Flint driving me from Canada to Bellingham to go to the hospital after splitting my head open at the skatepark
  • have i told you about how i read Alan's Ween interview when I was a prospective student touring L&C? (I am only 60% sure this actually happened. I didn't end up applying there because my mom thought there were too many smokers.

    I also remember watching Alan play at the makeoutclub party in the "lounge" at the Meow Meow.
  • Weirdly I don't remember ANY of this
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