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Valentine's Day

If you don't have plans and are in Portland, come to our house to eat pizza and drink champagne. It would be nice to see you!

a bathing suit?! (might rent a wood-fire hot tub)

Mike was threatening a romantic-themed white elephant gift exchange. Then I threatened to allow priority in choosing gifts based on amount of $ spent, and then it got weird. So maybe we'll work that out.



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    :x :O) 8-} :bz
  • X_X
  • Exactly
  • Will I get sex ?
  • Possibly
  • if sex is guaranteed, I will not attend. However, if the possibility of sex is strongly alluded to, I will definitely be there. Similarly, if sex is completely off the table as an option, I will not deign to attend. I like my potential sex parties to be surprises
  • Sex allowed, but only in the #tub
  • Don't let anyone named swamp_knobbler talk to you on the internet about sex. Early internet rule.
  • I could come after dinner with my girlfriend - I don't think any UHXers have met her yet but she is fantastic and tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary.
  • congrats! Hope we'll see you!

    Right now the hot tub is up in the air, but the rental upstairs will definitely be vacant, so that'll be fun. Open it up and have a party in the entire house for once! Maybe make a fire upstairs for a quiet romance zone.
  • I am trying to get Gary to take a partner yoga class with me on Valentines Day. Can you imagine?

    For once I would just love to do something for V-Day aside from listen to my yearly gift, which is a long and furious rant about the tyranny of heterosexual capitalism.

    Charting the rant over the years has been interesting though. When we were first together, he hadn't yet read Marx or Adorno or anything like that, and the rant was very ill-formed and lacked focus, and took shape primarily as a tirade accusing Hallmark of economically over-burdening men by making the holiday so gendered. As the ensuing 11 or 12 years have worn on, however, his critical faculties have become progressively honed and incisive, and the breadth of his historical knowledge and theoretical acumen has become ever-more daunting to confront. At this point, his rant is a top-notch political-economic screed that I think would hold water for even your brainiest Marxist feminists.

    My response to the rant has remained unchanging though: just a simple "I know, honey"

    Anyway partner yoga sounds nice
  • Can we skype Gary's rant into the party? Or you could live tweet it and we'll project it on some wall.

    Partner yoga sounds great! Mike and I went to a late Sunday night yin class recently, which he loved cause it essentially combines two of his favorite things: organized events and napping. So now he keeps asking to go back to "nap class".
  • Just pre-record the rant and put it on a loop and screen it in one of the rooms.
  • rant podcast
  • Aporno and Dorkweiner!
  • "Gary's Rants"
  • RantCast, a Gary production.
  • Couples Yoga has me feeling some type of way
  • for those few who watch The (sickening plight of humanity) Bachelor, how about that "love guru" this week???

    they did a lot of breathing right into each others faces, he was instructed to massage his date's inner thighs, and then the "guru" told them to start taking each others clothes off so as to "remove their masks"... it was special.
  • LOYAL BACHELOR FAN HERE. That guru was the worst/best.
  • After watching that episode last night I went to work this morning and I was greeted by the new weekly Yoga Wednesday happening right next to the door i was entering and a couple co-workers brought their significant others and so the whole group was doing partner yoga and i walked in on a fairly intimate pose. It was eerily reminiscent of that Bach ep and a funny way to start the day.
  • WHOA.
  • Did they smear chocolate on each others' faces? ROMANCE!
  • Once had a similar sounding yoga guru in India try to put his hands where they didn't belong by telling me he could sense I had some tension w/r/t my sexuality and I needed to just embrace it... Yuck yuck yuck!

    Probably worked on lots of American ladies.
  • Shitty.
  • there WAS chocolate smearing!

    the girl was supposed to feed him stuff while he was blindfolded and her attempt to put a chocolate-y strawberry in his mouth was... terrifying.

    she kinda wiped it around on top of his mouth.
  • No, I meant was there smearing at Steve's thing :)
  • Burning Love is a pretty good web show that spoofs the Bachelor.
  • but tell me you weren't confused by the way that girl tried to feed him?
  • I very passionately second Burning Love. It's the most spot-on, hateful satire. It's incredible. Plus it's Ken Marino and then like 20 hilarious women, and Michael Ian Black, what on earth is not to like
  • I would follow Ken Marino straight through the gates of hell.
  • owls, yes, I found it traumatizing!
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