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Important issue

Damian Lillard snubbed for an NBA All-Star Game selection!?!?
Total. Bullshit.


  • word. On the bright side, he'll be angry and have something to prove. I like Lillard when he's angry.
  • Kinda also bullshit that Lillard picks Nick Cannon over Humpty as the official Blazers celebrity in that new commercial.
  • humpty would be better. oakland related. lillard should rep for oakland hip hop more. especially because he raps and stuff. what a nerd.
    brutal slump since his snub
    we need him to dust off his shoulders and return to being ice cold
    poor kid, i bet he feels really shitty about all of this

    also, guys, lets face it, his shoe design is kinda waaack tho

    i love lillard

    ice cold lillard time

    widen & kennedy did not invent its lillard time

    or DID they?????

    free humpty
  • Wieden aren't allowed to fuck with Adidas. But yeah, I don't love his shoe. He'll get his iciness back.

    #freehumpty #freeE40 #freeLilB
  • edited February 2015
    I like the structure of it, but I wish it was a higher top. I could see it being one of those shoes where the spinoffs are better than the initial release. Like the D Rose classic is not so great but there is a navy and white spinoff that looks awesome. The Lebron shoes are the worst!
  • Blake Griffin out and Lillard in! Also, Aldridge might be starting now.
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