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  • Except for the Comcast contributions I guess ;(
  • Contributions I can handle. But directly lobbying the FCC with a memo written by a Comcast lobbyist and signed/sealed by her office after accepting those contributions? Not so much.

    "Records obtained by The Verge show that Secretary of State Brown's letter to the agency was almost wholly written by a Comcast Government Affairs specialist. After a conversation with Brown’s staff, the Comcast official sent Brown a letter he had prewritten for her that even included her typed sign-off, name, and title. Brown’s office sent the Comcast document — containing just three sentences with new or altered language — to the FCC emblazoned with the official seal of the State of Oregon."
  • I don't get it. What did he do that is so much worse than what like 95% of all politicians do all the time? I mean I guess I do get it. That sucks that he did that stuff, and I'm not even really a Kitzhaber fan, but getting run out of office for it kinda seems a little extreme. Oregon I guess just holds their politicians to a higher standard than every other state? Kate Brown sounds cool.
  • IMO it's not what he did (or failed to do) originally, it's his borderline crazy behavior this week. When your bizarre antics drive away your closest political ally (state senate maj leader) and a member of your own cabinet (Kate Brown) and invite ridicule nationally then it might be time to go. Until the latest stories broke I just assumed he'd ride it out but I can't see how he holds on anymore.

    Like Brian Williams, he didn't do anything super evil but now it's hard to trust the guy.
  • I thought he has done a good job as governor, maybe a too quiet and behind the scenes.
    I found the press, especially WW making exaggerated generalizations to paint the darkest picture. But all the mainstream press joined in too. Blood in the water. Sad.

    Kate Brown is very solid. Ted Wheeler next in line has bigger things to do than be treasurer.

    It is all a sad love story.

    I'm the same with Brian Williams, a FU, stupid, but not terrible. Tabloid press.
  • Yeah I don't know why you wouldn't just ride anything out these days. The news moves on in a week at most.
  • I think he did it for the sake of the OR Dems because a criminal investigation would've been long and painful for the party, perhaps? All the sr. Dems all peaced out pretty quickly...the Republicans actually wanted to wait it out.
  • the Comcast thing is pretty gnarly.
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