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talking about the future to mitigate the sorrows of the present

3 more weeks and then SUMMER VACATION

my grad students are in presentations now, so no more prep for that seminar
only one more lecture to prep for my big class
800 meetings
grade 32 papers
have four job candidates visit campus and I take them out to dinner and grill them on their pedagogy
then I'm done
We get out for summer break on freaking April 29, did you ever hear of such a thing? And we don't go back until September, what on earth

then over summer I just have to write another book, plan three classes, present at a conference, read 100 books, buy a piano, and plant some tomatoes. I could not be more excited.

I am coming to Portland for 2 weeks this summer!
Will someone please go to the river with me?
I will bring my trunks and buy you a juice



  • APRIL 29!?!? Girl, you got it made for summer!
  • i know

  • Although talking about the sorrows of the present, we found out that our upstairs neighbors are having a baby in a couple of months and our floors are quite thin :( :( :(

    We may have to move out of our place. I don't think we can deal with the noise of a baby 15 feet from our faces. Meeting with them to talk about it at some point.

  • I truly don't know the answer to that question.
    This is a horrible nightmare and I am so sorry for you.

  • Doesn't it seem likely that they'll move to a bigger place to accommodate the additional human? If you can just stick it out...?

    At least you'll make a profit if you have to move!
  • Don't go!!

    (We bought the condo catty corner from swamp knob.)
  • UHX river trip to the "secret spot" I haven't been to yet.
  • The passage of time as noted by UHX threads started by YoursTruly in which future breaks are anticipated.
  • @flossy we're going to have dinner with them probably next week to discuss it. They just bought the place a year ago, though!

    @cherry YOU want to live under a baby? We'll trade.
  • @swampy- nope! Don't want to share a wall either. Do a great job at your meeting plz!
  • Oh man. The rotating cast of devil children above us in the turret house has turned me off to condos for life. Pray jah it works out for you all. Some babies are chill. It's those 4 year-olds that freak me out wickedly.

    Random aside: does anyone want a soda stream before I goodwill it? Turns out I am not a soda stream person. I am a case of la croix person. :/

    Burden of the first world sorrows.
  • Ooh! I want the soda stream!!
  • Maybe they bought a one-bedroom place because the housing market in Portland is batshit insane and unaffordable.
  • As a case of la croix person who has considered soda stream, I'm interested to hear more about why it didn't work out.
  • it is a sin to be future oriented and I am trying to stop (re: UBS's spot-on critique)

    re: babies, I agree toddlers are worse in terms of sharing close quarters

    re: soda stream, those things seem chill as hell

    re: I didn't know you bought a condo Cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    today is TGIF so see you later you dillweeds
  • I don't know my summer plans exactly yet, but I will probably be back for a visit around the same time as YT, and I want to go to the river too!
  • edited April 2015
    The stream is Flossy's! DONE.

    Miranda - I don't like things out on the counters, so I always put it away after use. It's awkwardly sized/shaped and once it was away it just stayed away! Also, carbonation holds better in cold water, so you have to remember to fill the brita or otherwise chill water if you don't have a fancy fridge that delivers chilled water. That was also a barrier to use.

    Also I kept wondering about this and whether I would just be better off buying occasional cases of la croix. I've probably never kept track of a metal water bottle long enough to get to the break even point.

    Lastly just hoping and praying we'll get our tiny house and planning for the great reduction from 2000 sq ft to 750.
  • I don't mind kid sounds too much (as you might imagine) but I am really bothered by hearing adults talking to kids (or to each other for that matter) in loud voices.

    Well, Chris paid the $$$ but it's ours! We move in this month. :)
  • EKJIRAM, if you do not send a link to your tiny house I will explode.

    Thanks so much for the stream! Let's figure out a time for me to swing by and take it off your hands!
  • Cannot jinx it! It is a bungalow on 26th and Sumner with a detached garage. Our agent/friend brought it to us off the market, which took a lot of stress out of the process. It was so sad to make offers 26k over and then get blown out of the water. If for some reason the deal falls through I can't imagine jumping back into the market as it is right now.

    Our landlord asked if I wanted to manage both units of the house we're in and I said no, so they're going to sell! I don't really understand who the potential buyer is for this house, it'll be interesting to see what happens!

    I hope the stream gets lots of use with you! I wanted to love it but I couldn't make it work. May it bubble freely.
  • Wow, you will be so close! MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED.
  • edited April 2015
    re: metal water bottles, I know!!!! I get so mad when people are blasé about how they "always" lose theirs and have to buy one again. Treating a metal water bottle like a disposable thing defeats the purpose. I bought my first one in 2005 and had it with me every day until 2014 when I fucking left it on an airplane and was devastated. So now I'm on #2. I feel semi-ok about this but if I lose #2 before the 10-year mark I think I don't deserve another one

  • I lose all of those things. All the time. ALL the time. Coats, keys, wallets, books. Everyday it's something else.

    BUT, on the water bottle front...I remember when I went to India for 3 months and one of my biggest goals was to NOT purchase five million bottles of water, which is what every tourist does because what other water are you going to drink? I did so well! I think I came out of the three months having purchased fewer than 10 water bottles. And I wasn't doing some nice cushy travel thing - I was staying in VERY bare-bones places out in the rural areas... I'm still proud of myself for that. Just boil water or ask someone to boil it for you! No biggy!

    Re: metal water bottles....can't you find those at the GoodWill or something? There must be a huge repository somewhere of all the lost metal water bottles.

  • I lost one too quickly and didn't allow myself another after that. So I just drink out of glasses at home and sometimes buy a bottle of water if I'm desperate. Good job in India flossy! Whoa!

    Our appraisal came in and it's all good! Just the loan finalization and then closing date May 22nd. Whoa! We'll probably stay in Turret at least some of June while doing a little work on the house (needs new roof! needs partial foundation fix! we gotta insulate the detached garage for baby Julia to camp in! (not a real baby, just a friend)).

    Speaking of the future and water. I want a metal roof cause they're supposed to be good for rainwater catchment. Made from recycled materials, recyclable, supposed to last forever. Anyone have any advice or people to talk to about them?
  • OMG see you at New Seasons.
  • Oh, and I'd go copper roof if you can. They're so pretty.
  • @ekjiram - YAY! That's so frickin' exciting! And so exciting for @Cherry_Pie! It is a period of housing joy around these parts!

    I have no advice about metal roofs, though. Sorry.

    Do you think your agent/friend would get coffee with me sometime so I can ask him/her what it's like to be a real realtor (as opposed to a volunteer realtor)? It's not tough to become one, just takes some minimal coursework and $1500 or so. I wonder if I should just take the plunge and do it as a side-gig.
  • Very tempting.
  • Flossy, I'll ask her. She sold Alex and Sasha their condo also. She's been a friend for about 10 years now and over the years I've learned how much work it is to be an agent, she works constantly. Nice to have a friend in the business though, cause when we started to think about buying it was like duh of course we're working with her.

  • Congratulations!!

    metal roof is a tight call! Never thought about that.

    around here there are a SHOCKING number of houses with roofs covered with solar panels, I'm so into that. We are trying to find a house to buy that already has them installed, but if not I am going to be saving up for that post-haste. You guys should look into it! With such a small house I bet you wouldn't need that many panels--could prob get away with a little stand of them in the yard!

  • When I was recently in Arizona we drove through Colorado City (largest polygamist community in the country) and almost all of the homes had solar panels. Freaky separatists love saving energy too!
  • Solar panels are a sticky wicket. Laws vary by state and $ by utility within the state. Maintenance angles. A good thing, but complexity abounds. Hawaii and NY are maybe about to kick ass on solar. But solar cuts across politics in a good way.
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