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advice on something computer


I have a big list of stuff that I need to carefully deal with/think about, but I don't have to do this until December.

What is the best way to remind myself in the future of this list, at the appropriate time? My day-planner doesn't go that far ahead. I know I could make a list on paper, keep it in a visible place, and then when I get my next-year day-planner, put the list in December, but is there a more high-tech way? I don't trust iCal because sometimes I tell it to remind me of something and it doesn't. But is iCal the main way you would use to do something like this, or is there a better way?

Can you email yourself now and have it delivered in December? that would be cool too


  • this job is entailing longer- and longer-range planning; it's incredible. I am so good at short-term planning but planning shit a year in advance is not my strong suit. I wish they made 2 year planners; maybe they do
  • I've never done it, but it looks like you can delay-send using gmail:

    You can definitely do this using Outlook, if anyone still uses that.

    I use a google cal and when there's something in the future I definitely don't want my future-self to miss, I make the event span several days or a week.

    I'm sure there are WAY more sophisticated tech ways to do this.

  • I do this on iCal- I schedule it as an event and set two reminder alarms. I like Flossy's idea of scheduling it to repeat for a few days, just in case!

    There is probably a much better system, it's true. What is it though?
  • I would use iCal or Google Calendar myself, so I don't have a fancy solution.
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