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Pizza Party


  • feminine pizza bag
  • also, this is a nightmare
  • Also: I was mega disappointed with PREAM. there - I said it.
  • what is pream
  • Pizza Rules Everything Around Me. Started as a themed night at Ned Ludd, featuring pizza and Wu-Tang songs (one of which is CREAM, Cash Rules...). Now it has its own space.
  • To be fair - it was a preview night, but still I was surprised at how loose and unfinished it was. I will say that the salads were very good though. I thought it was "Pie Rules Everything Around Me" to keep the cadence, but who knows....
  • You may be right.

    Some of the pizza I've had at Ned Ludd was very good, but it was paid for, so I don't know how pricey it is.
  • "Eater caught up with the team behind P.R.E.A.M. (the acronym stands for Pizza Rules Everything Around Me — a nod to a the 1993 song "C.R.E.A.M." by the Wu-Tang Clan)"

    Most articles don't explain the acronym, so this one could be wrong.
  • What was rough and unfinished? The space/service or the food?
  • Just some weird details:

    The bar was conspicuously under stocked - only two whiskey's on our night, and some strange omissions like not having soda water. Of our party of four, no one was able to order their first choice of beverage. Maybe they just really wanted to sell the specialty drinks, but they didn't sound that appealing to us.

    The service took a long time, I think we spent about two hours there. Sometimes that's great, but we weren't looking to make a night of it.

    Re: the food, the salads were excellent, and while the sausage pizza was good, the kale and honey pizza was really sweet and kinda gross. Their meatball and polenta was also really good. The desserts were surprisingly flavorless and bad - we were all visibly shocked by the blandness.

    The decor and atmosphere was a bit off for me - the vibe was more "manhattanites 'slumming it' at a hip hop show" than "we love hip-hop and we make dope pizza so come and lamp at our crib after dabbing out and sate your munchies." It just felt a bit precious and stiff, and I was expecting a bit more fun.

    I will say that the preview night was a good value at $25 a plate. The salad was excellent, and the portions were almost comically generous. We were getting full before the pizza came.

    That said - it was a preview night, the menu was limited, and everyone was still kind of figuring it out, but we were excited to leave and have another experience. I dunno - I don't really like to write smack on the internet, but for some reason PREAM kind of got my goat.
  • I'm excited for the opening of Swift & Union, because I really liked Tabor Tavern when I lived in that hood, and it's the same owners.
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