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I've been using this one kind of Old Spice for a years but lately it's starting to irritate.

Got some Tom's but I realized why I fucking hate Tom's - it makes me smell worse than if I didn't use any at all.

Going deodorant-free ain't gonna work for me.

Anybody have any hot tips for deodorant for sensitive guys like Swamp_Knobbler?


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    The most recent thing I bought is this

    But I don't wear it that often. I mostly go without. I think it works OK, but I haven't really stress-tested it. I got it at New Seasons.

    If I really want to be totally odorless, I'll do a light dusting of baking soda under there, but too many days in a row and it gets irritating.
  • I made the switch a couple years ago to that kind of deodorant that you put on with your finger--it's in a little tub, like a cream or lotion. There's a local kind made in Portland that I have used and liked, that is way cheap. You can get it all over the place but I think I mainly got mine at the Alberta St. Co-op. It's just baking soda and oils and it works and they have lots of scents you can choose. It really works well, better than Toms in my opinion, and lasts forever.

  • Which kind of Old Spice are you using? I've tried the white, powdery sticks, but experienced some dryness/irritation. I've been using the blue "high endurance" kind for years and don't recall any issues.
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    Try Kiehls! You can get it at their NW store or at any Nordstroms. I love this stuff. It's a bit pricey, but it lasts forever, has no smell, leaves no mess, and it works!
  • Oh yeah, I forgot that I also use the stuff YT is talking about. This kind works well:

    However, as with the straight baking soda, too many days and it irritates my skin.
  • it never irritates mine, even when I put it on post-shaving.
  • Salt works well if you use it before you become smelly.
  • I forgot to put some on this morning. :(
  • Did Portland used to be smellier or did I just stop hanging around the smelly people? It was something I appreciated when I moved here from the East Coast, where it's much less common.

    Even further back, I remember going to Romania as a teenager and being surprised by how OK with BO everyone was.
  • yo i been using tea tree oil and that shit works pretty good tho
  • tea tree oil seems like a good call
  • It's cool you guys, I used some this morning.
  • I went with Desert Essence
    Seems better than Tom's so far.
  • I noticed they sell little containers of cream in multiple scents at the New Seasons checkout now. The price per ounce is insane compared to the Fat & Moon stuff.
  • I'm an Arm & Hammer man.
  • I am having similar deodorant woes. I'm in the process of switching from antiperspirant + deodorant to just deodorant. Switching to natural brands has caused some irritation and I'm still stinky. Is is true that it can take up to a month to detox from antiperspirant? I've read too many reviews and theories. I don't know what to think about my pits anymore.
  • i don't know but i feel that it takes a month to detox from any heavy chemical-y corporate product. Takes a month to detox from shampoo, for sure. Takes months for your tastebuds to detox from meat/dairy/sugar. Why would deodorant be any different? Anything that is like an OVERWHELMING BLAST to your system, it makes sense that it takes your body awhile to come down from it.

    That being said, it is also just a fact that using natural deodorant will NEVER be as effective, in terms of preventing B.O., as the shitty corporate stuff that gives you cancer. Never! Take it from one who knows.

    I use natural deodorant, and by the end of the work day I'm a bit stinky, and I am fine with that. HOWEVER, I keep a tube of gross high-corporate deodorant in the medicine cabinet for high-stress days (presenting at a conference; job interview) when it's SUPER important to me not to have to worry about stinking.

  • My BO smells kinda like weed.
  • I rarely wear deodorant AND I have no sense of smell. Potentially a very dangerous combination. Please do not be afraid to tell me if I stink when you see me IRL (I'm serious).
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    whoa that is an unforeseen consequence of your weird affliction! I never would've thought about that. For what it is worth I have never found your personal odor to be offensive.

    I haven't put on deodorant in a week because TGIF FOREVER BABY IT'S SUMMER BREAK

  • I wore deodorant today.
  • I bought a jug of 'CHANEL Pour Monsieur' when I was last in New York. Go on the offense: odorant.
  • Sometimes I do that with OLO, Portland's signature odor.
  • I confess I do this with OLO as well
  • I could use some deodorant today as we are "living" (IE camping) at the new house where we have a door-less bathroom with fixtures that I need to reattach and haven't bathed since moving things last night. WHOOPS
  • I just met someone who was RAVING about that fat-and-the-moon stuff.
  • I swear by Aromaco and The Guv'ner, two of LUSH Cosmetics' deodorants. Aromaco I use in the mornings, it's pretty much just a roll on deodorant minus the packaging. And I use The Guv'ner as a top up during the day if I need. It's a powder form and is really great at absorbing moisture and neutralising BO. I'm a professional athlete and I feel as though I don't smell awful during exercise even when sweating heaps.
    Full disclosure, I do work for the company, but I would continue to use these products if I weren't.,en_US,sc.html
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