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  • My friend posted an article about attracting more women to engineering roles and one of her friends replied with this:

    "Im curious as to how many complete the courses. Women have in the past enrolled in droves to many of the hard sciences, but they tend to leave them quickly for other socially capable careers.

    The reason I have heard, and I think its the most commonly accepted answer; is just dimorphism. Women tend favor careers where being emotionally/socially connected and sensitivity come into play. Women have a better emotional intelligence than men, and its leads them in the direction of the career fields they typically choose."


    I kept myself from replying, since it didn't seem fun to get into a Facebook argument with a stranger.

  • there is no one stupider on this earth than a stranger on one's friend's facebook feed. where do they all come from
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    i can't find the other thread where we were talking about trigger warnings but another scandal involving a non-white professor being accused of "racism" in calling out actual racism is currently rocking academia:

    Love how this article deadpan closes with those DEVASTATING population statistics. Oh yeah, look at how powerful those 2% professors of color are! They're so mean to the gentle suffering white people who run literally every aspect of the world they live in!

    lol reverse racism

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