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Mad Max (SPOILERS, go see the movie first plz!!!!!!!)

edited May 2015
Holy fuck


  • Same
  • Like, fuckin' end despots and slavery and systemic violence towards women, and also let's talk about how men are damaged by the violence they are expected to perpetrate, and also the earth is dead, and also that one guy with the crazy guitar =D>
  • yes, loved the full observance of how patriarchy hurts everyone, men and women alike. The poor war boys.

    and also every type of woman being presented as fully human, fully capable, and having full agency: badass macho women, fragile pregnant women, withered old crones, all deserving of life, respect, joy, love, freedom, all working together in common sisterhood

    sisterhood as a model for an alternative society

    full commitment to putting your life on the line in an effort to opt your children out of a system that can only pervert and destroy them; full commitment to not reproducing that system out of your own body ("our babies will not be warlords")

    the hitherto unrealized possibility of men truly recognizing the humanity of women and fully living in acceptance of that reality (Max, avatar of the new man, not yet a real possibility in society (he leaves at the end) but we can glimpse his realization in the unborn sons of the liberated wives maybe)

    the totalizing brutality of capitalist patriarchy that destroys everything, everything on the earth and all people and all hope

    And yet somehow there has to be hope, even when we know there is none. We plant a seed whenever we can even though we know it will die

    It somehow managed to be so appropriately nihilistic about our world, but without being cynical; and it managed to present hopeful avenues for thinking about the world differently without being saccharine or false

    but also the guitar man!!!!

    I literally wept through the entire last third. It was so cool how it was fully 100% everything you want to see in a Mad Max film (zany grotesquerie, nihilistic nonstop car brutality, and that delightfully particular Mad Max aesthetic that is like a zombie in a top hat riding a motorized tricycle with a huge skull gear shift, also guitar man) while somehow also consistently and firmly advancing an extremely coherent and deeply moving political agenda.

    In conclusion: WHAT ON EARTH

    also GUITAR MAN
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    Update: guitar man's actual character name is THE DOOF WARRIOR and he is played by iOTA (AKA Sean Hape), "an Australian actor-musician whose management company pitched the role to him as 'a mix between Keith Richards and a scarecrow'”
  • One of the first things I googled was guitar man, and I'm so pleased that the guitar was real!
    It weighed like a million pounds, and it really shot flames!
  • DOOF WARRIOR is by far the best aspect of brutal capitalist patriarchy
  • I wish you would post a gif of Doof Warrior shooting flames
    I don't know how to do it
    I think it would really add some good food for thought to this thread
  • image

    apparently the entire rig worked?! the music was really coming out of those speakers, at 80 mph!
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    it is the most WONDERFUL AND PERFECT mixture of totally stupid and completely awesome. I can not stop watching it
  • edited May 2015
    keith richards + scarecrow is incredibly accurate
  • how did it work, then, with editing?? Or was he just playing live in the scenes to psyche up the actors, and then he recorded the actual soundtrack later?

  • who knew such a gif could come from a feminist eco parable
  • are there more doof warrior gifs please
  • I want to see it, but I think I can hold out for the cheap ticket.
  • We went to a matinee! Knowing what I know now, though, I would def pay full price

    I might go again
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    walking out of the movie dazed and still crying I ran into a guy I work with who I have never officially met and immediately we had a weird small-talk conversation about what we're working on, and I was so out of it and could not focus on him at all. When I got in the car I realized my hair was this crazy mess from me rubbing my head against my movie seat in anguish and my eyes were red and raw and I had dried tear tracks on my cheeks. Love thinking of that dude seeing me in that state then looking up to see what movie I was coming out of. DOOF WARRIOR: ULTIMATE CAR FIGHTS
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    i wish i were watching it again right now instead of staring at Doof Warrior gif

    more like gifT
  • you know what else I love?
    this movie had very little cgi- only to remove harness wires and tire tracks from random camera trucks. THAT IS COOL.
  • SO cool

    it straight-up looked rad
  • edited May 2015
    Just saw it last night. Really love your writing about it YT. Like a lot a lot. My lady friend does too. She read me your blog post while we were falling asleep last night, and we both were all in on your thoughts.
  • YES
    I just got asked to write an essay about guitar man for this new website my friend edits so perhaps soon there will be MORE MAX ESSAYS

    I went to a music conference over the weekend and saw a paper on female tribute bands and wanted to say so many things about mad max in the Q&A but restrained myself. It's like it applies to all aspects of life

  • I like talking movies so this one didn't get me too whirlied up. Kinetic movies make me dizzy and sleepy. Guitarman though! That was my favorite. Cool that you zeroed in on him. With you there, fer sure! Also, super-jazzed that YT got super-jazzed... Looking forward to reading more about your hope and dreams...

    Word to the budget conscious, the 3D design is cool. Was glad I was equipped.

    It was like a really loud Hieronymus Bosch painting...

    Not sure I see it knocking down patriarchy, but if you say so I'm with it..

    Pretty good chance I'll take the J to see it.. (NOW 10 GUYS! & Saying "Dad, I'm almost to the end of my chapter...." from beneath her volume of CATCHING FIRE...) Patriarchy shudders..
  • I certainly never claimed nor would I ever claim that this movie would knock down patriarchy! goodness. That's too tall an order for any movie, surely.

    The Hunger Games books totally rule. I love that they [spoiler alert] don't really have a happy ending. Ending is super ambivalent and acknowledges the impossibility of escaping the system. JUST LIKE MAD MAX
  • edited June 2015
    well, that's fine. Everyone has their issue, and this is a real one.
  • That Imperial guy with the big gouty foot and the nipple clips. He seems to take a big place in my memory of the film. Anybody gone twice yet?
  • Bald guys as unhealthy and evil bumbling idiots/meatheads again...but at least one of them sorta is redeeming sorta. How is Max keeping such a nice haircut?
  • they shaved off his long scraggy hair and beard when they captured him!

    I think the entire plot of the film only spans like 48 hours; not enough time for him to get shaggy again

  • We just had a conversation about the Imperial foot man. I THINK he's the head of Gas Town. His car is the only one with a hood ornament (Mercedes). I found it interesting that he still cares about brands long after they have ceased importance.
  • good eye! I did not catch that.
    Very weird to see a brand in that film, for sure.

    He is the head of Gas Town! And the crazy dude who gets his eyes shot out is the head of the Bullet Farm.

    I loved how Furiosa's robot arm was just never commented on or even really emphasized. Just another day in this crazy desert hellscape!
  • edited June 2015
    I liked when the skully steering wheel came at us through the fourth wall. Just flashy dumb fun. And a heck of a kinetic composition...
  • Maybe J and I will go tomorrow...
  • I recently learned that I have something wrong with my eyes that makes 3D not as good for me as it's supposed to be. Be thankful, those of you who have the full 3D experience!
  • I actually don't enjoy 3D and I always choose the 2D version whenever I can! Am I a monster?
  • I go 2-d because I'm a cheapskate and it usually doesn't amount to much more than some bits and pieces flying "at you".
    Except for Herzog's 3D- THAT was sick.
  • I fucking missed the herzog which I know I would've loved

    also i thought of another great use of 3D which was Wim Wenders' movie about Pina Bausch, the dancer.

    I like unconventional use of 3D not just shit flyin' at me or big blue people fucking
  • It was so amazing to kind of be inside those caves that you'll never be able to go to.
    The paintings really are SO not-flat, and seeing them on the actual cave surfaces was fucking amazing.
  • I enjoy 3D, even though it's a bit wonky for me.
  • Both art directors were wimmin. Here's an interview that focuses on those crazy vehicles. They all worked in real life.

    Here's one handicapped woman's response to seeing Furiosa.
  • I love the future but I hate 3D movies.
  • (but I also liked the Herzie's Cave movie and his thing about the alligators)
  • Freddy that's so tight
  • edited June 2015
    Fun, but needs more character development. MMFR2 takes up presumably with the women running the city. I believe some comics precede getting the MMFR2 movie out if you want more spoilers.

    3D was a scheme to revive the flagging revenues of theaters and of the in-home screen business. After everyone had a flat screen, they need HD, then 3d then 4K then 8K. 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.2, on to 22.2 sound. But 3D has not caught on in a big way as planned.

    MMFR was not shot in native 3D. With all the cameras they used, 3D would have been too expensive. So the 3D was computed in post production. That's a recipe for 3D viewing sickness where what you see on the screen doesn't make sense to your brain.

    There is a lab in Beaverton which is part of Pacific U's optometry department that studies 3D viewing sickness. Don't know if they are looking for research subjects.
  • I like 3D when the movie is filmed in 3D. When it's converted to 3D (most of the time) it gives me a headache. Even "premium" movies like Avengers 2 are converted to 3D. Saw mad max last night at cinemagic. Loved it! 15 minutes in I whispered to my buddy that I had been waiting for this movie my whole life. I am in love with mad max. Truly a victory for action as a genre and practical effects. Also, is it me, or does the movie not clearly fall within the three act prison all movies are in. Fuck I loved mad max.
    I couldn't help thinking about the dumb ass MRAs who boycotted this movie, and in the process came out as pro slavery (not that they were deep in that closet). They make me so mad, but make me love Mad Max so much more!
  • can't remember if I posted this already but it is a very funny Jezebel piece making fun of those very MRAs

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