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calendar/ical/iphone help needed

I'm having trouble getting a shared google cal to show up on my iphone calendar... can anyone help?

I have googled but still cannot figure out what is wrong with it/me!


  • feel free to email me directly...
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    it's a stressful situation because I'm in NYC and need to have all info in my phone :-S
  • Try this: select "Calendars" at bottom of app and make sure all accounts you'd like to see are checked.
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    Yes, I tried that- it doesn't show up as an option.

    It isn't a calendar that I created, but one that was shared with me.
    Also, I don't have a straight gmail account but rather one that goes through gmail but has my domain name in it. Did that make sense?
  • Could you try just accessing it via Safari? Not as cool, but at least you'd have it with you.
  • I use google calendar to handle all of my cals - it seems to work a bit better than apples (for me) I also tried canary, but got frustrated with the interface in situations that required maps.
  • Oh, like the actual app from Google? That might work.
  • I have had such problems with this, too! I think I use google cal now, too, because the ical stuff will show up in google reliably, but not the other way around.
  • Downloading it now! Thanks you guys, will report back!

    Thank you! Sink this thread!
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