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Who Is Back At Work?

Cherry Pie, are you there? Are the kids back?
Any other teacher-types on here?
I'm back in Ye Olde Office. It's poppin' off out in the hallway. Someone is singing scales, someone else is blowin' a horn. People are running around in shorts and t-shirts because classes technically haven't started yet.
I just had my annual check-in with the chair which is always devastating because he gives you a huge packet of papers explaining how to get tenure and you read it and you're like "well there is no way I am going to be able to do this" and he's like "have a nice day" and you're like "bye"
Everyone is in the hallway high-fiving and pretending to stab themselves in the eyes when you say "how does it feel to be back"
I finally got the facilities lady to remove at least some of the millions of pieces of superfluous furniture that were in my office so now I feel like I live in a mansion
I just met the new vocal professor who expressed optimism about "I think I figured out how to print to the copy room" and I said "HA! That's a fool's dream" and she looked shocked but I know I am right. I said "Make HFA buy you a printer, they bought me one even though somebody else told me they wouldn't."
I met with the bookkeeper to ask her some questions and at the end I apologized and said "I'm not a stupid person" and she said "I know you're not" and I said "I'm really sorry you have to deal with me" and she said "I understand your position"
My new admin assistant asked me how to dial out using our landline and I said "I don't know, tell me if you find out"
He also noted that the document I had printed to pass out at our staff meeting says "Fall 2013 Professor Epstein" at the top of it
Also I got lost on the way to campus
And I already have gotten an email from a student saying they won't be here for the first week of class
My syllabi aren't finished
I forgot a whole huge thing I have to write and we moved and I can't find the notebook where all my notes on the thing are
And last night I got drunk and broke a light bulb


  • Not quite, but soon.

    Hired my TA, lecture notes only half done, don't have a table in my new house yet despite living there for a month, friends coming back to town, persistent 90 degree humid heat, homesick and generally feeling transitional malaise.
  • when school starts that means AUTUMN is coming, the best season!!!!!!!
  • My husband is back at work which means all the stuff we were supposed to get done this summer than didn't get done will now be relegated to the margins of our lives, the few hours a day we are together that aren't occupied by making dinner and exhaustedly watching Rachel Maddow and/or PBS shows about animals, or else helping my mother-in-law figure out her Netflix, or sleeping.

    At least he has another teacher helping him cover the latin curriculum this year, so it won't be so overwhelming. Also I think they're not making him teach P.E. (although this is a ridiculous school where teaching P.E. could just mean taking kids "hiking" aka walking around in Rock Creek Park all semester.

    H did at least find a copy of our Fake Kid's admissions essay which he wrote in 7th grade. The prompt was to write about imagining having dinner with someone of your choosing, what you would ask, and what you would tell that person about yourself. Fake Kid's essay was about dining with Obi Wan Kenobi. They had tortellini with pesto. Obi Wan had a glass of chardonnay while Fake Kid had root beer, and Chocolate Lava Cake for dessert.
  • I was supposed to clear out the garage this summer :( Whoops.
  • edited September 2015
    Miranda was too busy reading the Trader Joe's newsletter to clean the garage ;/ (great podcast BTW)
  • Thanks! I'm glad a handful of people are digging it.
  • I mean, I've never made it through a whole one but I usually get through 10 minutes or so and I LOVE the concept.
  • Listen to the end of them as well for some more original commentary.
  • The kids started back this week- they seem SO YOUNG! I've been teaching an older grade for the last couple of years and now I'm back with the litttles and they want me to tie their shoes and I'm like, "I don't tie shoes" which to their credit they take in stride.
  • kind of a metaphor for my job also. "I don't write your paper for you"
  • one tricky thing is that on my work computer, when I type in my husband's name to a new email message, it auto-fills the address of a student I had a series of awkward negative interactions with last year involving them wanting to be given a make-up quiz because they skipped class to go to a frat party.

    would be very emo if this kid suddenly got an email from me saying "DID YOU CALL THE PLUMBER OR WHAT"
  • Maybe you can right-click on the bad kid's email and get an option to forget it.
  • Got my first confusing and frantic student email! So fun!
    I start teaching on Monday, wish me luck.
  • Good luck Owly! What are you teaching?
  • I'll tell you off-board! Or, you know, "How to Tie Knots: For Beginners".
  • You guys last friday a penis came out during circle time. I was teaching a lesson on friendship and from the corner of my eye I saw a little penis come out of a pair of jeans. The boy looked at it and then put it away. After the lesson I pulled him aside and asked, "Did I just see your penis?" His first explanation was that he'd forgot to put it away after he went to the bathroom. "That doesn't line up with what I just saw." Then he explained that he was just checking to see if he was wearing his angry birds underpants. "I still don't understand why you took your penis out." "Umm..."

    So yeah. That was a fun phone call home.
  • Future congressman.
  • That is INCREDIBLE

    I am awed by your job!!!!!!

    Its funny to think that if this happened in my classroom it would be a next-level police-calling event
  • I knew a guy that did that in 8th grade. I think his mind was just wandering.
  • edited September 2015
    I told Gary this story and he said "it's clear from the anecdote how good she is at her job"

    like, there are so many bad ways that interaction could go. A teacher could so easily over-shame a kid or make it a weirdly big deal, or embarrass him, or give him the space to deny what he'd done (or a teacher could just not deal with it at all, which would be what I would want to do), etc. But you just calmly and straightforwardly handled it! It's awesome.
  • edited September 2015
    I 100% agree. "That doesn't line up with what I just saw" is such an amazing line. No judgment - just a firm commitment to understanding what actually happened and why. Every time I hear you talk about your job, Cherry, I am so delighted that you and your job found each other. Such important work and you do it so skillfully/thoughtfully!
  • edited September 2015
    "circle time"
    i think i know what was going on.

  • Y'all are nice.
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