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edited December 2010
It is not very cold here, everyone is talking about it
global warming?
or baby jesus's hot heart love melting all the snow?
we have been cross country skiing and to yoga class
we have been to several parties
we have had champagne and tamales
my brother is dancing to a "rock n' roll" tune by "chuck berry"
we just did stockings. I got an artisanally sharpened pencil from David Rees from my husband!
also socks
now my dad is making our traditional x-mas day beverage, which is "milk punch," which is ice cream, milk, and bourbon, and brandy. They are heavy duty and make one very ill and tired yet one must persevere
Gary woke me up very early, very traditionally excited for christmas. "Honey, I heard bangin' and clangin' downstairs and......HONEY I THINK SANTA CAME"
My parents are cute and nice
We saw True Grit yesterday, it was fucking awesome
Bob Dylan released an album of christmas carols and my dad keeps putting it on and it is weird and amazing
"in the meadow we can build a snowman..."

Happy Holidays and Merry Stuff! It's nice to be with your homies in a warm house, not talking about Jesus



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