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work out the workout

I think I'm going to quit my gym. I like that it's called "It's All About Me Fitness" and that it offers classes like Flex and Flexibility and Booty Luv, but still I never go. This summer/fall I've been good at long podcast-fueled walks and Barre3 classes. Will I be able to keep that up in winter? Am I making a mistake? I'm old and need exercise.

What's your workout?


  • I fluctuate between periods of many months during which I go to the YMCA 3 times a week and really blast myself, do the elliptical (I can't run anymore because of hip dysplasia), use the arm-workout machines, do the sauna, stretch, keep up my yoga practice, feel great. And then I'll go many months literally never exercising at all and feeling my body sort of contracting and going all stiff and flabby in a way that doesn't feel good. When I'm working out regularly, my muscles feel loose and free and I feel like my posture is better, there's more space in my chest and around my lungs, I just feel good. But it definitely is the first thing to get de-prioritized when things get too busy. It's troubling especially now as we (ladies) are going to start having to worry about things like bone density and all that shit.

    I have learned some things that help:
    - identifying what time of day feels most natural for you to work out (for me, right before dinner! Who would've thought such a thing?!)
    - identifying a routine that makes you feel good--what do you actually like to do? I think just going to a bunch of different classes and never settling into one doesn't work for me; I like to learn and see improvement and so consistently going to the same yoga class or whatever is helpful; doing the same weight routine is helpful
    - making it a part of your day you look forward to. For me, it's the thing I do when I'm finally done with my work for the day, and so it's this nice transitional time where I try to slow down my mind, focus on my body, breathe, chill, listen to a podcast, and anticipate my nice evening I'm about to have. I look forward to that, when I'm actually in a good zone of doing it regularly.

    I did get confident enough in yoga to where I can actually have a decent practice on my own, at home, but motivation is hard

    Are there youtube exercise workouts you could find and have fun doing at home during the winter? Old school Fonda is pretty tight (I can remember my mother and her friend Roxie doing the Fonda workouts and saying "Jane you BITCH" to the TV). In high school I was VERY into the Cindy Crawford videos and of course abs of steel. It would be fun to return to those old videos, I think.

    Is there a different gym that would be more fun? That has a eucalyptus sauna or something? My enjoyment of the gym is very sauna-focused

  • I bike nearly everywhere I go in town, try to skate once a week, and go hiking. Also working on the cabin is a good workout cause I'm hauling drywall and hammering shit.

    I ain't getting any slimmer but neither am I getting fatter so I guess I'll just keep doing this?

    Could use some strength training probably to make my muscles huger like Mike's.
  • Personal training really does take some responsibility off of you and helps hold you accountable. And doing it with a friend or partner means more fun and more accountability! Zin and Mike and I go every Sunday together, which also makes it cheaper!

    Spitzer has been threatening to come one of these days.

    If you ever wanted to try it out...
  • The other nice thing is the trainer makes different workouts for each of us, so Mike is usually just lifting heavy things while Zin jumps a lot and I do half butt n legs and half upper and try to never jump ever.
  • My exercise history is: something like 30 years of nothing. Two years of decent LA Fitness workouts and yoga. Got sick of being grossed out by the men's locker room and stopped exercising for probably two years. Got a new gym membership near my new place but have never even stepped foot in the gym. Started using my stationary bike and doing pushups/situps in the mornings the past couple months.

    I still need to get yoga back in this picture. I'll probably eventually go to yoga at my gym and just never go in the locker room ever.
  • pushups is epic, a totally epic form of exercise
    easily overlooked
    if you just did 50 pushups a day you'd be set
  • Oh my god I just went to the YMCA for the first time in the middle of my workday and I feel amazing.
  • Motivation besides the nice feeling is that it's a time where I get to listen to music in a focused way. Good noise cancelling earbuds help SO MUCH.
  • i need some
    adam's always raggin' on me to get some decent earphones and i never do it
  • does hunching over for 7 straight hours drinking frigid coffee and furiously writing paper comments until my hand aches count as exercise

    if it did I would be the most ripped hardass on this terrestrial plane
  • What about fart canceling butt plug for traveling? It'd be like carbon capture but for sulphurous farts.
  • does carrying a lot of library books count as exercise?
    what about sitting in a terrible plastic chair for hours, is that core strength?
  • edited October 2015
    alex the only episode of Shark Tank I ever saw had this old couple on it who had invented a carbon filter you wear in your underwear to neutralize fart smells. They had developed it because the wife had some terrible disorder where she farted all the time. They said it had saved their marriage. The shark tank hosts said it was a cool invention but they couldn't green-light it because talking about farts is too awkward

    it was a real illustration of why capitalism doesn't work
  • (sorry for derailing the workout thread into farts)
  • Day 2, and now I know the difference between and ARC and an eliptical, and between a steam room and a sauna!
  • two crucial differences!!!!!!
  • YT you're tripping! Steam room forever, sauna forever! And I raise you hot tub forever!!
  • all are great; but i just love steam room so much. gets into my bones
  • I love sauna but steam room makes me terrified, in my bones.
    The steam is too thick and too hot, it burns my eyes and makes me feel like I'm suffocating.
  • I hate the gym, and just do pushups. I slipped a bit recently, but am back on my pushups routine. I do pushups three times a week, and play basketball on Sunday mornings. I also bike a bit, though a LOT less now that I work from home. Pushups are IMO the perfect exercise.
  • edited October 2015
    I am in and out of jogging/workout regiments, but about a year ago I started at least doing this once a day if I am in a particularly lazy period and it has really helped keep the back pain and general getting older lethargy at bay. There are two rounds of pushups.
  • i've done my half hour of cardio and 10 minutes of sauna 5 of the last 7 days, so feeling pretty good.

    The YMCA got remodeled last year so their stuff is FANCY! I love the video game exercise bike.
  • You just made me have a breakthrough and realize I can probably watch POV biking videos on YouTube while I use my stationary bike.
  • That 7-Minute workout thing is exactly what I needed!
    It's perfect for keeping me from turning into a fossil during this busy time in my life.
  • what's that????
  • Kevin are those earbuds good for working out? If they get sweat on them will they be instantly ruined
  • I have used them for 7 workouts. They are not ruined yet, anyway!

    The 7 minute workout was too good to be true in my experience. I never got enough "buzz" to feel better or to motivate myself to always do it.
  • I haven't needed much motivation to do it. It's only 7 minutes! But also, I'm not looking for a crazy workout. Just looking to keep my back pain at bay and feel pretty good day to day. I have zero motivation to be ripped. Makes my face look weird.
  • Maybe my mistake was doing it first thing in the morning.
  • Yeah, my expectations are LOW. It's literally a case of not ever moving my body an inch, or doing the 7 minute thing, and I can really say that it's going to help me keep some movement in my sad little limbs.
  • Exercising first thing in the morning has actually been a great new discovery for me. I really prefer it.
  • I think 3rd thing in the morning after breakfast and after a bus ride is pretty great.
  • Pushups are fine, but as someone who has done a lot of pushups, mostly not by choice but because it was illegal for me NOT to do them*, I can assure you that you need more than pushups. The army is full of people in their late thirties that are great at pushups but still out of shape.

    *When you enter the army you are under a different set up laws, called the UCMJ, which seems like it shouldn't be legal, right?
  • Also, I love a morning workout.

    @MirandaJuly do you go to West Coast Fitness on Alberta?
  • I have a membership, but I have never been.
  • Let's go together!

    (i'm sick right now, but getting better)
  • Ok, when you're better you can teach me some tricks there.
  • Eeek -- Boyfriend and I just started the 100 pushup challenge. It's mellow, but I can feel it already!
  • I went to a hilarious dance aerobics class at the YMCA yesterday. I had to do something to get me off my duff and "GROUP GROOVE" seemed like the ticket. It was just me and three other women (one of them a middle aged woman who loudly proclaimed how it's funny she was at an aerobics class because usually she really doesn't like women at all). The class was easy and fun and by the end parts of me hurt, and not only the bad parts (hips). So much "mambo," remember "mamboing" in aerobics classes in the 90s?



    This has always been my jam; I love this shit. If they had step aerobics I'd do that too.

    anybody go to funny classes?

  • My YMCA is too full of yuppies for dance aerobics, I think. :(
  • You might sincerely like Zumba, YT! I sincerely like it. I also have deeply enjoyed the few Jazzercise classes I've attended but damn they're expensive!

    For the last couple of months I've been going to Barre3 and I LOVE LOVE it! Full body workout (with a delightful emphasis on "seat work") in a positive environment with fun music. I've been going three-ish times a week and I'm feeling so strong and healthy. Also my seat looks amazing.
  • FUN

    even easy aerobics I think is pretty bad for my fucked up hips (I'm still bone-sore from this class 2 days ago that was seriously so easy) but I think I want to do it periodically anyway. I gotta live my life, and my orthopedist told me the same thing. "Live your life, and you'll get a hip replacement when you can no longer put on your shoes." VERY FUN

    My Y doesn't have Zumba but they have this funny GROUP CORE class where lie down and hold a big barbell weight and do stuff with it while Rihanna blasts. I straight-up won't do even one sit-up unless someone makes me so that seems good

  • Sit ups, like all the other stuff, become easy pretty quickly.
  • Zumba is my favorite exercise to joke about doing.
    It looks fun.
  • edited December 2015

    I can't believe I spent my entire high school life having 2 hours of track/cross-country practice every single day after class! I feel like we got worked like mules in high school, right? Was this all of your experience too? Epic sports commitments? Or was it a boarding school thing? We regularly ran 3-6 miles and once a semester we had to run 11, it was called the Dead Dog Run because one time there was a dead dog on it and this passed into myth. To this day when I go to an exercise class I feel a ghost of that satisfaction, of a coach yelling at me. Doing wind sprints until you barf. That being just a normal part of life?? Now I go six weeks without breaking a sweat, except at night during my peri-menopausal hot flashes, amirite

    In Soviet Russia....WIND sprints YOU!
  • No way I just skateboarded all the time #nocoach #norules #nogods #nocommitments
  • it's not a crime!
  • I always hated coaches yelling at me. I quit swim team because the coach yelled at me one day. I just got right out of the pool and left and never came back.

    On the topic of swimming, I love swimming for exercise and I wish a gym near me had a pool.
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