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edited December 2010
It is very cold here. Twas 0 degree last night on the way home from Churchmas.
It is a La Niña here in the extension of the west coast so there is A LOT of snow.
My nephew played the purple wiseman last night in the little church program.
He said his line well.
I also saw him play the recorder with 50 other 3rd graders a couple days ago and then they sang some songs in "North Pole Musical."
I saw the nicest fox bounding in the deepest snow in Yellowstone while I was on a snowmobile.
Just played a few rounds of Connect 4 by 4. It's so much harder than Connect 4.
We are gonna see True Grit in the next couple days. I'm so pumped!
Having so much fake meat this Christmas! I'm so pumped. Had Gimme Lean in the traditional Christ. morning egg dish this morning.
Bought my own Quorn fake turk that's gonna rule later today.
It's so fun to play Santa for my Mom's stocking and give her a really nice stocking after 20+ years of her having to fill her own stocking.
We have been listening to a Willie Nelson christmas album and my bro-in-law just gave my Dad a new Ricky Skaggs album and we listened but it wasn't that rad.
It's so weird to see my older nephew turn into a teen and be interested in clothes and cell phones and stuff now. I bought him a cool Portland made T-shirt. He liked it. I was scared. He's on punishment from his ipod touch though because of schoolwork.


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