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Sartorial Changes

Maybe I can wear something else?


  • Anything but that shirt.
  • Collier downtown Broadway might make your acquaintance. In fact the owner is a great sartorial advisor. Upstairs his wife has an Italian handbag store. The handbag code and aesthetics is beyond me though.
  • is this a good place to ask whether I should go with the "dark cayenne/cayenne" or the "mercury/iron" softshell jacket?
  • Can you buy the hunk?
  • Mercury/Iron for sure.
  • The point is to BE the hunk.
  • Seriously I bought both jackets and I keep putting them on and taking them off and can't decide which to send back.

    The cayenne is more my vibe but the grey is more professionally appropriate, like I could wear it on the way to a hill meeting and not feel like I was better dressed for a walk in the woods.
  • and mike I lost my share coupon and never registered so i don't get a vote, but my vote is you have graduated beyond brooks brothers and it is time to level up. Like when I decided not to keep any long-sleeve shirts that didn't actually reach my wrists even if i liked the zebra pattern or whatever.
  • "Be the hunk you wish to see in the world."
  • When you become Pushin Forty you should
    - level up from Ikea
    - level up from whatever fashion concept has defined your 30s
    - level up your cooking game
    - level up exercise and drinking water
    - level up $5-$10 what you spend on a bottle of wine
  • When. When will have a "forgot password" button? It is so weird because I use the same password for everything (I know this is a bad idea) but somehow I can never sign in to and there's a 99.3% chance this is my fault and I'm just using some weird password for some unknown reason.
  • I also can NEVER remember my kmikeym password and I don't know why
  • Mine is something so dumb and hackable because it is impossible to change or update. Probably the worst part of the whole KMikeyM project, IMO. We should be able to vote on making this a priority!
  • Mike is weirdly cranky about people forgetting passwords and I don't get it at all. I NEVER know how to log in.
  • He has PTSD from answering support emails. I fully empathize.
  • Ha. Never put that together. Thanks MJ. : D
  • hahaha

    poor mike
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