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edited November 2015
My computer crashed and I lost my CS.
I refuse to use CC until completely forced... does anyone have the stuff for this?


  • It's a huge PITA but email Flint...he always has the goods.
  • I'll get it from the internets I think (hope). Just trying my friends first.

    I hate losing programs! I hate creative cloud!!
  • edited November 2015
    I know you hate CC, but you might try emailing Teresa or Lisa at PNCA too. I know you don't work there anymore but they were giving out year long CC subscriptions for $9.95 like candy right before I left. They had like 200 extra after they gave them to all the students.
  • edited November 2015
    It's not relevant to photography as much, but I've been so happy to not be in Adobe products recently since our designers have mostly moved to Sketch.
  • edited November 2015
    That is cool that they are doing that. Sketch has largely been a huge pain in the ass when I have dealt with it in the past, but usually only in the context of trying to get a Sketch file to work with Adobe.
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