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live blogging take-home final deadline

edited December 2015
it's finals week and my students had a take-home final. it's due in 56 minutes!

about half of the class has already emailed their finals to me. will the other half (roughly 17 students) make it on time???


  • edited December 2015
    PANIC-> one of my students can't seem to get her email to allow her to attach files.

    b-( :!! :-t
  • edited December 2015
    three more are in. less than fifteen to go. 49 more minutes.
  • email is still not allowing her to attach the file...
  • I just received the most amazing email from an international student:

    Dear. Professor XXXXXXXXX,
    This is XXXX XXXXX in your XXXXX XXXXX class.
    Can you please e-mail me the answers for all the quizs.


  • a flurry of papers just arrived. ONLY FOUR TO GO!
  • Some of these tests/papers are pretty good! Seems like these kids might have learned something this term.
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    sending out this spiritual healing to the four students still crunching away:
    (don't listen to it while you are driving or operating dangerous equipment!!!)

  • another one is in!

    previously mentioned student still having problems with her email.

    just three to go!!!!
  • international student seems to have figured out how this works.

  • I am starting to suspect this email thing is a ploy for an extension. :-<
  • edited December 2015
    8 minutes left. i have concern.
  • edited December 2015
    welp, that's it. email problems seem to have doomed one student, the other MIA isn't that big of a surprise, though i was hoping for 100%. Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

  • Quality liveblog. Things just aren't getting the shit blogged out of them enough these days.
  • Please update re: missing finals.
  • email file attachment system seems to have started working at 1:38AM (2 hours 38 minutes after the deadline, but better late than never).

    All but one of the finals have now arrived.
  • Do you automatically subtract a percentage when a paper is late?
  • officially, yes. but student in question has always shown up to class on time, participated in discussions, and otherwise been an ideal student, so I will likely cut her some slack.
  • edited December 2015

  • I'm looking forward to my own version of this on Friday. Please, just turn it in!!!
  • I have completely lost track of all the extensions I've given and all the deals I've cut. I have no idea when anything is due. I made all these different side deals with different failing students and I've also lost track of what each of them promised to do in order to be given a C minus. It's just in this one class! It really fell apart. I don't know what's going to happen. Then I accidentally made the absolute final deadline for all late work the very day when I will be en route to my mother in law's house. I don't know what to do. Please don't tell anyone I said all this
  • ugh, sounds terrible
  • haha oh well
  • I am a big proponent of extra credit opportunities, and use it as a way to stealthily support things I like. Go see a movie at a film festival? EXTRA CREDIT! Go see the new documentary about the Black Panthers? EXTRA CREDIT! (of course you need to show your ticket stub to receive said credit). I have had a couple students rock this so hard they assured themselves an A before the term was even complete.
  • SIGH

    when you ask your students to upload their work to one central folder, but they send you a bunch of email attachments instead.

  • Deadline is today... only half of them have turned in their work so far... it's making me very nervous...
  • the best student, who always did everything early and who talked the most and who had levels of enthusiasm that were, at times, very intense has not even turned in their work.
  • that is a strange phenomena that i have experienced as well (when the otherwise ideal student goes AWOL/ suddenly stops being an ideal student). Have you started receiving a deluge of emails asking silly questions that are an obvious ploy to get an extension? That usually comes about an hour before things are supposedly due!
  • no emails, but one person still hasn't turned in their work.... ugh, make me email you? no thanks! but, ok I will, because it is past the deadline.
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