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Christmas Deco

edited December 2015
Now that we have a house it's time to get outdoor Christmas lights. I think I'm feeling the large multi-color lights I has as a kid. Where to get good lights?!

If I remember correctly, Judar Spitz has some great childhood tree ornaments. I'm remembering a melted plastic encased pre-teen photo, among others. I kind of miss those tree bubble lights, like a weird 1980s Christmas lava lamp.

I retrieved and hung my childhood stocking, which is weirdly white, pink and blue and reads "Baby's First Christmas" though it was used throughout childhood. I found an ancient almond in its shell in it and ate it and lived to tell the tale.


  • I wonder if Sunlan has cool lights?
  • I walked by yesterday and didn't have a chance to pop in, but I wondered the same. They do have a big santa string light display in the window, so maybe?
  • "baby's first christmas" is so good
  • I love christmas lights even though I otherwise don't care much for holiday decor. Christmas lights are festive and fun and pretty. We probably won't do any this year but I am open to it. I love the big multi-color ones, but I also love just a classy simple white light.

    My mom recently sent me my stocking. My grandmother had all these wonderful big red velvet stockings made when her children were born, for their husbands when they got married, and then when her grandchildren were born. So all of us--my mom's whole side of the family--has these matching stockings. They are awesome. They are decorated and have our names on the tops in sequins. When my mom and dad got married, my dad didn't want his, though, because he had his own stocking from his own childhood (that charmingly says "John" on it because, surprise surprise, that is his actual first name), and due to being orphaned at a young age and basically having a really emo young adulthood, he prefers to use this one remnant of his former life instead of the new one my grandma got for him. So we've always had this extra "Mike" stocking hanging around. When I married old whats-his-name my mom changed the "Mike" to "Gary" and so now he has one too! And anyway the point of the story is that this year in a sort of half-loving and half-passive-aggressive gesture (she is mad that we aren't coming to see her for christmas because we have to go see Gary's mom instead) she mailed us our stockings. "Now that you are grownup you should be in charge of your own stocking, so you can have it wherever you are." SOB SOB

    Anyway now we have our stockings! I gotta go buy some peanuts to fill Gary's with, also coal

    She also sent some of the christmas ornaments I was most obsessed with from my childhood. She like picked out all the ones she somehow remembered me loving at age 7, and wrapped them all in tissue paper and sent them in a box


  • I love nuts and oranges in a stocking! I'm going to have to wrestle up a stocking for Mike and dog so mine isn't alone.

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