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Off To The Races

It's the first day of school. I didn't teach today, but I popped in with my old man (who did teach) to spend two hours getting organized in a calm and delightful fashion. Only to slowly realize from context cues while dealing with my email that I apparently had a huge, important meeting to go to today that I was completely unaware of. Upon detailed research I discovered the meeting is tonight; it is three hours long; and it will be over at 8. So my couple of hours toddling about in my office turned into nine hours! And I had to text Gary and tell him to take the bus home.

well here we go, another day another dollar! Also it is 15 degrees here and the wind is blowing like a knife; people were screaming outside earlier

I BELIEVE they are feeding us dinner at this meeting, so every cloud truly does have a silver lining

happy new year
god bless


  • God bless hahahahahaha!

    I just got back to school yesterday. It's 21 degrees but very windy, "feels like" 7 degrees.

    I have 8 word docs open.
    My desk is a pile.
    I don't have any mittens.
  • "people were screaming outside earlier"

    I hate that weather.
  • it's so cold it makes your eyeballs feel weird
  • Yeah but YT I heard there was pizza at that meeting.
  • There was pizza! I ate like a hog, it was great.

    Then I drove home and met our new 25 year old friends at our local bar where you can bring dogs and I drank a beer and then Gary came in with a huge sack of taquitos and everyone cheered and I ate taquitos even though I'd also just eaten many pizzas

    The cold is very strange, it really does go beyond temperature into an existential place. Eyeballs feeling like they aren't part of your body anymore. Also weird is teeth--if you breathe with your mouth open your teeth somehow go numb, which doesn't seem possible. Also the PAIN of it--eyeballs, teeth, fingers, TOES, lord. But really it can be as cold as it wants, it's the WIND that makes things insane/causes people to scream outside

    YIKES just read that link Alex!!!!!!! UH OH/good thing today is my TGIF. We gotta go get our coal shovel from the lumberyard

    yes you heard me right; my first day of teaching is also my first TGIF

    just lucky i guess
  • I'm up for it
    girl just stay home and rest your claw
  • I would, but my claw has so much work to do!
  • The predictions are insane... looks like we're getting 1,000,000 inches of snow!

    I've got tater tots but no ketchup and I'll be damned if I get trapped at home with dry tots. Time to stock up.
  • I love Mr. Klaw

    I don't get what everyone is talking about re this winter storm blast! I guess it is just missing exactly Western Mass, and hitting everything else

    I'm kind of bummed; I feel really ready for a big storm
  • edited January 2016
    my mom's first gynecologist was named Dr. Claw
    pretty rough name for a gyno

    my grandmother's gyno was named Dr. Hymen, NOT A JOKE
  • infinite LOL
  • My first proctologist was named Dr. Pokemore (A JOKE)

    Seriously though, why are men allowed to be gynecologists what with our awful collective history of abusing women in so many ways?
  • Seems like making a point of not allowing men to be gynecologists would only be further over-sexualizing something that shouldn't be sexualized.
  • edited January 2016
    you can call me Dr. Claw
  • Wow those fake degrees are SOOOO expensive!
  • edited January 2016
    yeah like how in Saudi Arabia they only allowed women to become doctors so that women would not be sullied by the hands of male doctors. There's like this whole secondary set of surprising occupations Saudi women can fill, based solely on the fact that it's literally a capital offense for non-related women/men to be alone together or even speak to one another. This is also why they recently started allowing women to go to law school, and also be clerks in underwear stores. I have obviously recently read a New Yorker article about the condition of women in Saudi Arabia.

    ALL THAT BEING SAID, I have been to both male and female gynos, and I say NEVER AGAIN to the male gyno option. I am sorry to sound like a sexist pig but they have been uniformly worse experiences than my female gyno ones. Rough and distant and I felt like a weird piece of meat. I'm sure this is not true of all male gynos, but enough is enough. When I was 17 years old a male gyno brusquely randomly informed me that I had an incurable disease that would render me barren and eventually cause such crippling pain that I would require a hysterectomy but he couldn't officially diagnose me without doing a surgery where they cut a hole in my stomach and inserted a camera inside. My mom drove me home while I sobbed and she was so pissed and we went to another gyno who proclaimed the first gyno "crazy" and reversed the diagnosis. THAT gyno was ALSO a male, though, and on my second visit to him, I'll never forget it, he gave me a pap smear while talking animatedly to his nurse about a jazz concert he'd seen the night before, EVEN WHILE I WAS SAYING "Ow! Ow!" He didn't respond to me, just jammed stuff up there and raved about how great the bass player had been. Female gynos in my experience mostly just seem exhausted, and like they are mad at you for not doing home breast exams even though you know you're supposed to, but they are gentle, attentive, and certainly don't talk about jazz bassists while sticking freezing metal rods into your most secret places while you quietly cry because you are 17 and haven't even had sex yet and this whole scenario is, quite frankly, somewhat traumatic even now at age 38 when I've had all kinds of stuff go on "up there." Also now the new recommendation is that you SHOULDN'T do home breast exams because of too many false alarms, so it turns out I was right to be lazy about self-care for my entire life, HOORAY!!!!!!! This is also why I don't wash my hands

  • My first gyno was named DOCTOR JELLY! She was very sweet, but I made the mistake of telling her that I had studied in France and she made me ask for birth control in French! Very embarrassing -- even for a 21 year old.

    I'll second the rough/piece of meat sentiment from male gynos.
  • Yeah, if I had a vagina/uterus, I would surely pick a female gyno. Strange that "market forces" haven't just phased out male gynos naturally. Maybe it's just a process and will eventually be that way.

    I'm sure there are vagina/uterus owners who, for their own reasons (I'm mostly thinking irrational homophobia), would be uncomfortable with a woman touching them, so there will probably always be some demand.
  • We didn't get walloped! Just a nice amount of snow, like 4 or 5 inches. I liked it.
  • we didn't get SHIT, not one flake. Boring!
  • what!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you poor, sad pups
  • We got about 22 inches.
  • a real doozy- is it still crazy?
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