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edited December 2010
Yesterday, several of us met up for oysters at lunchtime.
Then I took a 2 hour nap.
Then I went over to Azure's house and we made brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, tofu, and some other stuff for dinner.
Tim Donovan cooked a huge ham. We projected The Big Lebowski in the living room and drank bourbon and gingers.

Today, I wrapped some Chrimbus presents for my family in aluminum foil and duct tape.
My brother picked me up at 10am, and we came to my parent's house in beautiful Oak Grove, Oregon (it's in-between Milwaukie and Oregon City on McLoughlin Blvd). We opened presents with my grandma, which was cool. Then we shot some hoops. Now we're watching the Celtics/Magic game whilst my mom makes Chrimbus dinner.
In England, they eat holiday dinners at like 1 or 2pm. Weird, right?
Then we'll probably shoot some more hoops to digest the food.

Then bowling at 6pm.


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    Tahoe and I went over to a cool 80-year-old's house in Woodland, WA (North Vancouver). We heard about the time she saw Billie Holiday in Olympia and then she showed us the Mastodon teeth she found in the creek out back......

    Watched some Treme. Sitting on the sofa. UHX'n....
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    O yeah, and hung out with my estranged spouse at my girl-friend's house in NoPo this morning while Josie opened her presents. The true spirit of Christmas.....
  • I spent the night at my parents house in Vancouver, WA, got up at 6am and opened presents! Then went to my brother's house and watched my niece open presents, then went home, played some COD with Curt online, and then returned to the 'Couv and has a small bit of meat with a x-mas dinner at like 2pm (ENGLAND STYLE!). Then went bowling and watched Alex KILL IT. Ended up at Josh and Jessica's house. Got to see Calvin being silly before he went to bed and then played more COD with Josh (split screen). This morning I got up at 9:30 and now I'm watching the bears at So77.
  • I'm telling your stockholders and selling my stock.

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    That's cool Mike. Never thought of you as a 'Couver before, but I like it. One of my favoritest pals, Douglas Monaghan, hails from those shores. Congratulations!
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