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Furniture Sellers

Is anyone here a badass furniture seller. I have what I thought was a cool vintage industrial cart that I thought I had up as a good deal, but it isn't getting much interest. I'd love to get it out of my office. Any insights?


  • Well I look at that for $175 and think THAT'S SO EXPENSIVE CAUSE IT'S SO RUSTY AND OLD AND SHIT, maybe that's other people's response too? If they're ignorant about vintage shit?
  • I don't know. I am ignorant about vintage shit, but I feel like I see similar stuff at the SE Industrial furniture porn stores for $300. Maybe it's not the right kind of vintage?
  • I've been selling LOADS of extra things on Offer Up. I was skeptical at first, but it's basically a stripped down CL with an instant message feature.
  • Huh, I was wondering what the benefit of that was. I was like "so it's just Craigslist, in an app?" but the IM feature makes a lot of sense.
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