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Weird enemies

edited February 2016
I am not someone who likes to have enemies, although i remember a good song Davis Hooker wrote on this topic that says its good to have some because it means you have drawn some meaningful lines.

I have found out that one person who has caused a lot of trouble for me is a totally crazy person. I know that is less than PC terminology, but: retired navy captain who ran aircraft carriers in the gulf war turned guy who made a lot of money owning a shopping mall and directed a small town airport for fun, until he was fired for undisclosed reasons. (Those reasons were not that when embroiled in a battle to evict a skydiving company from said airport, he allegedly tried to run down a woman from the skydiving company with his car. Twice! but he was not fired for this, just suspended. no one knows what he was actually fired for)

and now as part of one of his other volunteer projects, he is gumming up the courts and annoying everyone in the government and the music industry with baseless lawsuits and appeals and procedural motions. I have been spending today reading the court ruling that just came out after one of these proceedings, and i can't help but have Yakety Sax playing in my head as the judges recount how annoying this guy is.

Also he LOVES bragging about his kid who's a fucking Goldman Sachs VP who also invented "r0ck pap3r scissors sp0ck lizard", a game once featured on Big Bang Theory.

Pretty good enemy right? Who are your favorite enemies?


  • Do they have to be personal enemies, like people we've interacted with or people who have caused pain in our lives? Or like, general enemies/people you think are terrible humans?
  • the first is more fun! I actually dont think this guy is a terrible person. I just think he's really bored.
  • edited February 2016
    Enemies are a weird thing when they develop. I don't really consider anyone an enemy in my life, but have developed a lot of people I won't bother talking to IRL because of them being one sided bridgers as in like, I will make efforts to be friends but they will not. Some of those people seem to think I burned bridges with them when in actuality there was no bridge to begin with. Just me proverbially driving to the end of the bridge that goes nowhere and turning around. There are people who seem to think me turning around is burning that bridge but that seems pretty dumb. I'm just not willing to waste my goddamn time and to keep it up all by myself. Whatevs though..."meaningful lines".

    I love They Might Be Giants song "Your own worst enemy"
  • I have a professional nemesis, though it's not a person, it's a firm, which makes it less interesting. But still, I feel like every time I turn the corner I'm shaking my fist and saying, "You again?!!!"
  • I of course have several nemeses: Anthony Lane, David Denby, Gene Weingarten, etc. But they are not people I have ever interacted with personally, unless they have (a) actually been forwarded my many furious letters to various editors or (b) read my blog

    There have been many people in my personal and professional lives I have just disliked on principle, but that doesn't seem the same as having an ENEMY.

    Is an "enemy" someone you actively wish harm unto and/or someone who actively seeks to harm you? God, I don't think I have anyone like this (knock on wood)

    This is an interesting question.

  • I don't wish harm on this person. I just wish he would retire to Barbados or something. Maybe "adversary" is a better word.
  • One time my artist friend declared another local artist his enemy and it led to a few years of funny projects based on the rivalry.
  • I am actively trying to make my list of adversaries/nemeses/etc shorter, and one thing that has helped with this is social media snooping. Like, if a lobbyist person is trying to undermine my policy work, it is hard to think of him as a irredeemably bad guy, if I also know that he operates a twitter account for his dog, and that he is really obsessed with Disney movies, and goes on Disney cruises with his wife, a popular mommyblogger.
  • where does it end though? My mom has many warm and humanizing anecdotes about a certain egregious ex president and I resist the feelings of compassion they raise in me and feel I am right to do so but maybe I am wrong? What Would Jesus Do
  • That is especially funny because you have that banger about wishing for his death!
  • God killed a shit ton of people in the bible and Jesus is God, so there's your answer.
  • a great example of me not doing what Jesus would do is writing that song
  • The old man in the corner raises his head for a moment from his slumber to intone, "Someday some of you will divorce."
  • I like the clarity of Highlander: Everyone is your enemy because in the end there can be only one.

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